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“God of War 5”: Is “Thor” present in God of Wars Season 5? Click to know the Plot!

The story follows the Norse mythology. Atreus, son of Kratos, is introduced in the era. Old Kratos appears in this era as well. Throughout the game, the weapon of Kratos is double-chained blades that appear in three successions; the blades of exile, the Blades of Athena, and the blades of chaos.

The Expected gameplay of God of War Season 5:

All three blades perform similarly, but they yield different powers, chaos, and damage when used in different combinations. The game also includes secondary weapons that can be used only in a limited amount like the Bow of Apollo. Ascension differs from the other games, in which the player can collect up to five world weapons, which can be used only in limited amounts.

If the player didn’t get any of the given weapons, he is allowed to punch or kick enemies throughout the game. Kratos primary weapon is a magical battle Axe called Leviathan Axe. He also gets Blade of chaos in the latter part of the game. Blade of chaos and Leviathan Axe collectively used can bring Runic attacks.

The game also offers context-sensitive attacks that the player can use when he has weakened the for or as a defensive mechanism, also called a quick time event feature. A grab maneuver can be used on minor enemies, and Kratos exchanged this with another feature in which a prompt appears above his head, and he can use them upon minor enemies to grab or strip or even throw them on other enemies.

It also allows him to ride on large enemies such as Ogres. Kratos also has an ongoing feature that is the ability that provides temporary invulnerability and increased attack damage. This ability can be increased by hitting the foes in combat.

Kratos also has a Spartan Race, which he uses as a barehanded weapon and cause adverse damage to enemies. Gorgon feathers and Phoenix eyes increase the amount of magic and health. Items are found which increase in length once a certain number of eyes, horns, and feathers are found. A chest containing any of blue, green, or red orbs is found. Blue orbs replenish magic, green orbs replenish players’ health, and red orbs provide experience points.

Chests with changing colors that allow players to choose meters are also available. Horns of blood mead increase the maximum length of rage meter. Gorgon eyes increase the maximum length of health meter. Players also get a new currency called Hacksilver, which is used in crafting and purchasing new items.

Also, each installment offers a challenge mode which yields extra orbs, secret costumes, and behind the scene videos. The challenge mode also provides an optional fight with Valkyrie, who provides different items upon defeat. Players must sell their champions soul to Zeus, Hardest, Aries, or Poiedon to try new weapons. It is an online-only game.

Expected Release date: God of War 5

With the announcement of PlayStation 5, everyone Expected the release of God of War 5. But, since the developer of God of War series Santa Monica videos has not said anything about the GodGod of war 5, there are no teasers and clue still available about the series. But, the game director announced the development of God of wars in March 2020. Let’s hope for the best news to come soon.

Is Thor present in God of Wars Season 5?

It is expected that Thor, with his baggage containing weapons, magical abilities will appear in PS 5 as an ugly man. He will be exceptionally tall and muscular. He also has a cold-blooded expression similar to Kratos. He also has several giant stones, Hrungir stuck in his skull.

The storyline: God of War 5

It is expected that there will war among all Norse gods. The story will be about Kratos and Atreu’s journey together to fulfill the wish of Atreus’s mom. Kratos is shown bleeding, so it is expected that eventually, he will kill all Norse gods.




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