“Sairose-Monica Jackson” will be returning for “Derry Girls Season 3”: Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

Derry Girls is a British sitcom first premiered in January 2018. The second season they followed in March 2019. After the finale of the second season, it was renewed immediately for a third season. Fans have since then been excited. It has been commissioned for a release in 2020.

The show is based in Derry, Ireland. It revolves around Erin, her cousin Orla, friends Clare and Michelle, while they weave their way through their teenage years. The girls together attend a Catholic girls’ secondary school. Erin, the main lead of the story, lives with her parents, younger sister Anna, Aunt, cousin Orla, and their maternal grandmother. Another character introduced in the show is James, Erin’s love interest, and Michelle’s cousin. James has been sent back to Derry by his mother to live with Michelle while she is going through a divorce.

Derry Girls premiered on channel 4, and since then has become the most-watched comedy series after Father Ted. The series follows light-hearted comedy and is based in the year 1990.

Derry Girls Season 3: Release Date

On April 9, 2019, right after the finale of the second season, the renewal of season 3 was announced. But no official release date has yet been announced by Netflix. Although fans are happy with the coming of season 3, there have been updates from either the makers or the streaming Platform.

It was earlier reported that the commencement of the production of the show would begin in the spring of 2020. But it is unlikely, due to the pandemic.

Derry Girls Season 3: Plot

Each season of the show consists of 6 episodes, making a total of 12 episodes. In the first season, we saw an action-packed finale. Clare bravely came out to her parents. While the Quinn family’s house was rocked by a fatal bombing. Erin was taken aback when Clare revealed that she was the girl who used the school’s essay competition to reveal her sexuality.

While in the second season, we saw the building romance between James and Erin. Although James had almost left Derry, the season ended on a positive note, with a speech by Bill Clinton. This incident was based on the real-life visit of Bill Clinton in 1995.

The maker of the show, Lisa McGee, revealed that the proceeding season would be set in a more supportive period for the squad. The show will move forward to the real-life incidents of 1998, like the Good Friday agreement. She also mentioned that at this stage, she’d like to end the series. Bad news for fans, season 3 might be the last and final season of Derry Girls. But one can hope.

Derry Girls Season 3: Cast

The star cast of Derry girls includes Erin played by Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Orla played by Louisa Harland, Clare, played by Nicola Coughlan, Michelle played by Jamie-Lee O’Donnell and Dylan Llewellyn as James.

The entire cast of the previous two seasons shall likely return for season 3. Until then, fans of the series can binge-watch the episodes on Netflix.

Derry Girls Season 3: Awards and Nomination

The teenage comedy series became a huge hit among teenagers. It was soon nominated for a handful of awards, including Radio Times Comedy Champion Award, IFTA Gala Television Awards, British Screenwriters’ Awards, British Comedy Guide Awards, Royal Television Society Awards, BAFTA TV Awards, and Royal Television Society Awards. Many of these were won. The show was critically acclaimed internationally.

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