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“Virgin River Season 2”: Based on a novel written by “Robynn Carr”! Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

Virgin River is an American romance drama series based on a novel written by Robynn Carr. It was first premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019.  Noting the popularity and the support given by fanbase within two weeks after the release of Virgin river season 1, the production team Reel management renewed season 2 with ten episodes.

Release date of Virgin River Season 2:

After the huge victory of the first season of Virgin River, fans expected the launch of Virgin river Season 2. From the sources, it is confirmed that there will be ten episodes in the second season of the Virgin River.

As of now, there is no official announcement about the release of second season 2, and due to the situation of this pandemic, there will be a further delay in the release of the second season. But if the filming has been completed before the lockdown, then the second season will be released at the end of this year or during ancient 2021.

The Cast of Virgin River Season 2:

It is expected that the previous characters will continue this season as well.

  • Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Mel Monroe
  • Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan
  • Colin Lawrence as John Preacher Middleton
  • Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes
  • Lauren Hammersley as Charmaine Robots
  • Annette O Toole as Hope McCrea
  • Tim Matheson as Vernon Doc Mullins
  • Benjamin Hollingsworth as Dan Brady
  • Grayson Gurnsey as Ricky
  • Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie

There are recurring characters in the season as well. They are Lynda Boyd as Lilly. Ian Tracey as Jimmy. David Cubitt as Calvin. Daniel Gillies as Mark Monroe.  Lexa Doig as Michelle Logan.

The plot of the Virgin river Season 2:

The series starts with the cast Melinda Mel Monroe, shortly known as Mel, answering to an advertisement of being a midwife in Virgin River, a town in Northern California. She thinks of leaving her past behind in Los Angeles and to start life in California afresh. But, the process of healing was not as easy as she expected.

The first season ended with Mel Monroe’s dilemma of leaving Los Angeles or not. There is not much information regarding the plot of season 2. But there is a span of 10 episodes. So, stay updated and stay tuned for knowing the plot of season 2 as soon as it is updated.

The Storyline of Virgin River Season 2:

The story follows the nurse practitioner and midwife Mel Monroe in a virgin town of Northern California. Although the town is a little far away from the city, Mel is adjusted to it as she needs to start her fresh life.

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The Trailer of Virgin river Season 2:

As far now, there is no trailer released for Virgin river season 2.

More about Virgin river Season 2:

The season was renewed, and it is reported that the second season filming began in early September 2019, so the release of the season of Virgin River was confirmed, and it was all set to release in 2020

The fans are waiting eagerly for the release of the second season, and the fanbase is increasing day by day following the increase in the number of viewers. Author Danielle steel also tweeted that he had fun that weekend watching Virgin River season 1, and he is eagerly waiting for the second season.


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