“Floor Is Lava Season 2”: Childhood Game returns Alive with a New Life! Click to know the Plot!

The Floor is Lava is a popular show that got trend in the social media and it is a hilarious hit among the viewers will be enhanced for next season, which has grabbed the memory of our old days, we played in our house as a game at least we would have played it once when we are in childhood. Like this game, but this show is modified a lot with things effects, participants, rules, winners, etc which we played for fun by trying to go to a room without touching the floor by considering it as lava and that was turned out to be an entertainment television show.

It was premiered in Netflix Network. It will be updated for next season 2 with more fun.

“Floor is Lava” Season 2: Overview of the show

This show in which the room is made up of architectures and furniture, the player has to climb in that not to fall in lava if they fall in it they are out from this show. To make this show interesting it is played in a group or self-amusement, goals are set up to reach the final destination, also many obstacles given to the participant to make it thrilling with fun. So it was enjoyed by most of the viewers to have fun in their resting time also it has hit so many viewers when it was premiered.

“Floor is Lava” Season 2: Framework

The other important thing of this is sleight of hand, the visual effects they have made in it, the lava in the floor will be like real when the contestant leaves their hand from their grab they will be absorbed by lava and also we cannot see them after that it is a simple technique and visual effect but it drags the audience as if we have played it with a lot of adventures.

The setups made for the people to navigate to different rooms to finish the level, each room has different themes like the Egyptian room, with pyramids, mummies to scare, rooms with spinning bed chandelier drop from the ceiling, restaurant like these many things were made to make the participants fall, which brings us fun by the humorous act of the participants. So in season 2 with more new frames will be made to make it interesting.

Also, we can see as the episodes go there is also fierce competition among the groups of participants as if like a real game aside from fun.

“Floor is Lava” Season 2: Release date

The floor is lava was released on June 19, 2020, in Netflix it has been the entertainment platform for the people worldwide in this pandemic coronavirus situation, they enjoy themselves as if they were playing because of this quarantine period people were inside their home. As season one is still new in these platforms we can expect season 1 to be released in 2021.

“Floor is Lava” Season 2: Update of the show

Signing for the game we have to make sure that there are three were in the group, with the physical ability for overcoming the physical objects, also it is better with friends because communication is really important in this game.

The winner of this show will receive a ten thousand dollar prize.

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