“Virgin River Season 2”: Is Canadian Hotness “Marco Grazzini” Joining Season 2? Check out to know Release Date, Plot, and more!

Virgin River is a Romantic Drama Television Series. Reel World Management is the Producer. It is based on the Virgin River Novel narrated by Robyn Carr. It is developed by Sue Tenney. Virgin River Season 1 Premiered on Netflix on December 6, 2019. It is received a Great number of Views. As a result, Netflix renewed Season 2 in December 2019. Season 1 Contains 10 Episodes. Virgin River Series hooked up by many Viewers across the World. People Started Watching again and again just because of its Fantabulous Cinematography. Romantic Series lovers are addicted to this Series. The Shots and the Visuals got Fantastic applause from the Audience.

Expected Release Date: Virgin River Season 2

Although Virgin River Season 2 Renewal announced on December 19th, 2019. According to the Sources, Firstly,  The Season 2 Filming has begun on September 19, 2019, and Finished on December 17th, 2019. Filming of Second Season done in Vancouver, Canada. According to the Sources the Season 2 release may take place in July last week, 2020. There will not be any delay in Production. Because the Season 2 Shoot is already Wrapped Up! Corona Virus Pandemic will not affect the Release date of the Virgin River Season 2. But there is no update Provided either by the Netflix or Virgin Rive Stay tuned here for the update!

Star Cast: Virgin River Season 2

The Main Star Cast of Season 1 may undoubtedly repeat in Season 2 also. The Season 1 Star Cast is as below.

  1. Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda (Mel)
  2. Martin Henderson Jack Sheridan
  3. Collin Lawrence as John Preacher Middleton
  4. Jenny Cooper as Joey Barnes
  5. Laren Hammersley as Charmaine Roberts
  6. Annette  O’Toole as Hope McCrea
  7. Tim Matheson as Vernon Doc Mullins

Apart from the above Star Cast, We can expect some New Additions to the Star Cast. The New Star Cast additions are  Canadian Hotness Marco Grazzini and Lizzie. Few more New Cast additions also there it will include, Carmel Amit, Keith MacKechnie, Donald Heng, Steve Bacic, Lane Edwards, Thomas Nicholson.

Expected Plot: Virgin River Season 2

Season 2 Plot will be based on the Season 1 Climax. Season 1 ended with Melinda’s confusion about her Stay in the Virgin River. In Season 2 We may expect some ending to her relationship with Jack and her Boss, However, She may face even more  Challenges in the Virgin River.  In Season 2 we may get answers like Whether Jack marries his wife, and Melinda leaves to LA or decides to Stay back in the Virgin River, etc we can see. However, it is very difficult to expect the plot of Season 2 as there is no trailer for Season 2.

Story Line: Virgin River Season 2

The Series Story Line Mainly focuses upon the Romantic Drama. It elevates the Background Music whenever there is a Romantic Scene appear. The Series revolves around Melinda( Mel) who has left Los Angel. She Shifts to Virgin River to lead a Happy life an forget her past Painful memories. There she will start a new job.

She works as a Nurse Practitioner and Midwife. But later she faces many challenges. Regarding her stay in Smalltown especially with her New Boss. Later she finds one abandoned baby at a Door Step of Doc Mullin. After so much of Argument, she will become Temporary Foster Parent to the Child. Melinda faces Difficult questions from Charmine, Jack’s wife. At the end of the Season, All Characters meet at Jack’s Bar, and Some meaningful events happen, leaving Melinda in the confusion that whether to leave Los Angels again!

Trailer & Other News: Virgin River Season 2

There is No trailer released for Season 2 So far. In fact, All Virgin River Fans are daily asking Netflix about the Season 2 Trailer Updates. But Netflix did not release a trailer yet. I hope we may expect the Season 2 Trailer in July 2020. Stay Safe and Check out the Virgin River  Kindle Book Sale for the UK, Readers!




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