“Detective Pikachu 2”: “Pikachu” must be dissolved for “Harry” to return in the upcoming season!

Ever since Detective Pikachu played out on our screens, the release of the sequel is much talked about. With a global gross of over $433 million, it soon became the highest-grossing video game film adaptation of all time. Written by Letterman, Dan Hernandez, Benji Samit, and Derek Connolly and produced by Legendary Pictures, the sequel was announced even before the release of the film in January 2019. The second part was inevitable.

Here is what we know about the sequel:

Detective Pikachu 2: Release Date

Detective Pikachu aired in Japan on May 3, 2019, and in the United States on May 10, 2019. It took three years after the announcement was made for the movie to be released. With Oren Uziel penning down the movie, we have a reason to believe that the sequel will be released next year.

Detective Pikachu 2: Cast

In December 2017, Ryan Reynolds was cast in the title role. Without him, the movie is likely to lose its fan base and hence, dollars. We can hope that he will be seen (or heard) once again in the sequel.

No cast list is released as of now. However, we are guessing that Justice Smith may come back as Tim Goodman in the movie with Ken Watanabe (as Detective Hideo Yoshida) and Kathryn Newton (as Lucy Stevens) also returning in the film.

Detective Pikachu 2: Plot

Detective Pikachu features Tim Goodman in search of his father Harry Goodman. He goes to Ryme City where he meets a Pikachu who converses in English. Together, they try to uncover the mystery of his father’s disappearance. The movie ends with cliffhangers. Pikachu must be dissolved for Harry to return. Because Harry was rebuilt with Pikachu, it explains why Tim could understand the latter. There is a hanging question now, since Detective Pikachu no longer exists, who will appear in the sequel? The creators have not dropped any information yet.

The video game that inspired the movie had a similar plot, which by the way has been renewed for a sequel on the Nintendo Switch. Tsunekazu Ishihara, president, and CEO of The Pokémon Company announced at a press conference in Tokyo last year.

It is likely that the sequel to the game could hint at the storyline of the movie version. It has been suggested that the game will include another end to Tim’s and Harry’s story. However, we don’t know when the game would launch. We have but one option: to leave it to time to tell us.

Detective Pikachu 2: Trailer

The movie is still in development. So, we will have to wait until we see a glimpse of the much-awaited movie.

Rumors have it that Legendary is developing a spin-off focused on Mewtwo and that the studio is also toying with the idea of adapting the storylines of the iconic video games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue for the big screen. However, Detective Pikachu 2 is the priority, so we know that we’ll be seeing the sequel first.

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