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“Altered Carbon Season 3”: Will “Kovacs” return in the upcoming season? Click to know!

The American Cyberpunk Tv series by Jeff Russo, Altered Carbon, had completed two seasons brilliantly. The show airs on Netflix and has phenomenal ratings. Many got addicted to the sci-fiction drama that was loved by the audience in the previous seasons.

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We will spot many old faces in the show as you guys loved them, the cast will include: Chris Conner as Edgar Poe, Renée Elise Goldsberry as Quellcrist Falconer, Simone Missick as Trepp, Dina Shihabi as Dig 301. Also, there are a numerous amount of discussions going on about the return of Anthony Mackie, in one of his interviews, he explained, “I hope I get the chance to bring Kovacs back next season. I’m not prepared.”

Release Dates & More: Altered Carbon Season 3

No official statement regarding the release of the third season has come from Netflix or the producers of the show. But as we bring you the latest updates for, now we have a piece of good news that it is likely to launch around the end of 2021. As for the trailer release, there have been speculations going out that it is coming out soon. But there is no official information for now. We can understand the misery audience is dealing with as Altered carbon is one of the most-watched shows on Netflix. Therefore, we bring the latest updates for all show lovers out there.

Plot twists: Altered Carbon Season 3

The upcoming season three is supposed to continue from where it left but with tons of twists and turns. The biggest question left at the end of the second season was, what happened to Reileen and Kovacs? We might get an answer to this in the forthcoming season. Other than that audience had a great time watching the show and are eagerly waiting for more to come.

We highly recommend this show to the people there who haven’t watched it!