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‘The Boys’ airs on Amazon Prime with its upcoming Season 2: Another “corruption-based” Plot hitting this 2020!

Superheroes are the pillar of society. They are the symbol of hope. Goodness, everyone wants to believe in. But when the pillar gets weak, society starts to tremble. And when the hope gets lost, everything comes crashing down. However, in our regular movies and shows they never crumble, they always keep everyone’s hopes. They are heroes who always save the day.

But Amazon Prime is showing everyone the different faces of the superheroes. They are showing the viewers rogue, bad, and corrupt heroes, who are doing anything heroic is just for there sake. They don’t care for society; they don’t care for everyone’s hopes and are only playing pretend. And viewers like this new face of the superheroes. They love this dark side. And after the crazy first season, they are waiting for the next rogue season of the series.

The Boys season 2 release date.

The Boys season 2 is all ready to make an entrance on the Amazon Prime. Answering the viewer’s plea, the makers are ready to release the next season. Although the date of release is not announced, it is expected to release in July 2020. So get excited about another rogue and rebellious season. And for kid’s hope sake, keep them away from the show.

Cast and the Plot of The Boys season 2

The next season will start after the ending— Butcher killing Homelander. Yes! It will show us the consequence after that. Yes! Next season will show us another corruption based storyline and Butcher dealing the reveal that his wife is alive. Season 2 The Boys are going to be full of drama, action, and heavy plot, so be ready.

And for the information regarding cast, most of them are coming. Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Laz Alonso, and Tomer Kapon will be coming back in the new season.