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“The Society season 2”: Will the kids survive in the “Parallel Universe”? Read to know the Plot, Cast and Release Date!

The show which was one of the most-watched shows on Netflix is back for another season. Read on to find out details about the plot, release date, and cast of the 2nd installment.

The Society is an American mystery teen drama web television series created by Christopher Keyser. The story follows a group of teenagers from the local high school of West Ham, Connecticut as they return home early from a canceled field trip. However, they are in for a huge shock as the town they left looks the same as the one they are in now but the rest of the population has disappeared. A dense forest has surrounded the town and though they can use their cell phones to contact each other, no communication is possible with the outside world- if it even exists. Hence, it is up to the teenagers to form their own community and come up with rules to survive given their very limited resources. The show manages to balance teenage drama, mystery, and politics in such a manner that it makes it an addicting watch.

The cast of The Society Season 2

Kathryn Newton as Allie Pressman, Jacques Colimon as Will LeClair, Toby Wallace as Campbell Eliot, Sean Berdy as Sam Eliot, and many more amazing actors and actresses. Though the official cast of 2nd season is not yet released it is believed that the main characters of the show will be returning for the next installment.

The storyline of The Society Season 2

the t season rolled out on Netflix on May 10, 2019, with 10 episodes and was a huge hit among the viewer community. The show was renewed for a 2nd season on July 9, 2019, and is expected to come out by late 2020. However, given the hiatus status of the entertainment industry, shooting may be postponed due to which the release date may be pushed back to 2021.

The PLot of The Society Season 2

The plot of 2nd season is speculated to build on the teenagers trying to survive in the parallel universe and may also delve into the point of view of their parents. No trailer has been released as of now.

We will keep you updated on all new developments in the show. So, for more news and updates, stay tuned to Next Alerts.