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“Goblin Slayer Season 2”: Rumor has it, that the show had Violent scenes! Click to see if its true?

Goblin slayer, dark fantasy genre, light novel Japanese series is all hyped up by the fans. Recently released in February 2020 has a perplexing reach. The series is written by Hideyuki Kurata Yōsuke Kuroda and produced by Takaharu Ozaki. To begin with, the show appears on AT-X, Tokyo MX, Sun TV, and BS11. The story is about The book of the series has a total of 8 volumes. With season one, we saw 12 chapters. The series is about warriors, who search for goblins to create a living. While trying to make a world free of goblins, their job is to save the priestess.

Controversies: Goblin Slayer Season 2

Despite all of this the show has been in many controversies as well, a major one was because of the graphic scenes of assault. The show has several violent sexual scenes. All of these rumors were later passed, and the buzz about season two began.

Release Dates & More: Goblin Slayer Season 2

The coronavirus pandemic has made our life more difficult, in fact, with our favorite shows as well. Due to it, there is dubbing for season two, which is now, delayed. But we make our readers happy so, we reached out and found from some sources that the second season will set foot somewhere in 2021. The official trailer was released by anime Tv on Youtube. For now, Fans have to stay calm, and understand the situation, and also be supportive

Cast Updates: Goblin Slayer Season 2

There will be no changes in the second season on account of the cast, the voice dubbers will remain the same. All these main characters will return Half-Elf Archer, Dwarf Shaman, Goblin Slayer, Lizard Priest, Spearman Priestess. Also, they might have some new additions, but nothing related to it has been made official for now. The show has a huge fanbase.

Plot: Goblin Slayer Season 2

The series did not end on a perfect note but ended with a twist that was Golbin warlord being defeated, making us all wonder about what will happen next. Therefore season two of the show will continue from its previous season. We’ll be watching more of Goblin Slayer. Maybe we get a glimpse of his past life. He and the others might also find the source of the goblins in the form of a Gate Mirror. The festive arc will be the focal plot of the upcoming season. But without a doubt, we for sure know that there are going to be numerous twists and turns, and the season will be filled with mystery. Some exciting news, the second season will have a new enemy face known as ‘Dark Elf’ who is going to be a member of the evil sect.

Let’s keep wondering what does the show has saved for us. For those who are interested in watching the show, the English-dubbed episodes of the show can be found on Funimation. We have everything for everyone, for novel lovers, The first five volumes of the novel have an English interpretation that was curated by Yen press, so guys can check that out!