“Spenser Confidential 2”: Will we see “Spencer” and “Hawk’s” bromance again? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

“Spenser Confidential” is an action-comedy movie. The movie is directed by “Peter Berg”. The movie is about an ex-cop “Spenser” who was locked up in jail for an assault. He gets been trapped in the case of the murder of two fellow cops. His task is to bring down all the corrupt cops and drug dealers with the help of his teammate “Hawk”.

The movie is an adaptation of the novel “Wonderland” written by author “Ace Atkins”. The movie was announced in 2018 and it was released by Netflix on March 6, 2020.

Release Date:”Spenser Confidential 2″

Unfortunately, “Peter Berg” and “Mark Wahlberg” are working on other projects. Mark Wahlberg” is working on two projects set to release in the summer of 2021. Meanwhile, Peter Berg” is working to release a limited Netflix series “Painkiller”. Their projects are going to take longer because of COVID-19. The first movie was released after almost two years. Due to the worldwide lockdown because of the pandemic, we will have to wait a few years to see the Spenser Confidential 2.

In an interview with the L.A. Times, Peter Berg said – “I’m a believer in one film at a time and see how that goes. I do feel like “Spenser Confidential” lends itself well to a sequel, obviously given how we ended the film.” This gives us hope to patiently wait for it!

Cast: “Spenser Confidential 2”

We are expecting the main old cast of the movie to return. The roles of the evil guys have lots of opportunities as to who will be picked for the role as it’s going to be a completely different crime story. The main cast that we’re expecting is-

  • “Mark Wahlberg” plays the role of “Spenser”
  • “Alan Arkin” plays the role of “Henry Cimoli”
  • “Winston Duke” plays the role of  “Hawk”
  • “Iliza Shlesinger” plays the role “Cissy Davis”
  • “Austin Post” plays the role of “Squeeb”

Plot: “Spenser Confidential 2”

The plot of “Spenser Confidential 2” is likely to continue from where the first movie ended. The exciting ending of the first movie left us in suspense and anxious making us wondering what will happen in the second movie!

However, nothing has been confirmed yet about the movie, but it sure sounds like we will be seeing the bromance and best teamwork of  “Spencer” and “Hawk” again!

Storyline: “Spenser Confidential”

The movie starts with a flashback to 5 years, where Police Detective Spenser arrives with his partners. They are there to question Captain Boylan about a murder case of women. Spencer then caches Mrs Boylan’s with blood all over her face and reacts aggressively. He started hitting Mr Boylan, as a result, he was charged with numerous assaults. He was locked up in prison for five years.

During his time in prison, he studies to become a truck driver. In the prison, he was assaulted to leave Boston forever. His friend and his girlfriend came to pick him up after he is released from jail. Spencer is attracted by the news of the arrest of a Boston fire chief who is in connection with arson at a church that killed two firefighters.

He watches the news where the fire chief is begging on the camera saying – “It’s a setup! I swear to God, I didn’t do this. I need help!” Spencers knows the Firechief well as they both went to the same high school. He wanted to prove him innocent and from there the chase began to punish the guilty and corrupt people!

If you still haven’t watched the first part of the movie go ahead and watch it!


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