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“Watchman Season 2”: Why did “Lindelof” leave his baby project behind? Read to unravel this mystery and more!

The “Gotham” city police-crime-superhero chase has become one of the most interesting plots explored by the entertainment industries. Though at one point it was mostly Batman’s domain, new ventures like “Green Arrow” and “Pennyworth” have become extremely popular with fans as well. Today, we’ve got another such story for you! “Watchman” is an American superhero drama by HBO, which not only deals with an ample amount of action but has an underlying social message as well.

Based on the original comic series, which came out in 1986, it is a sequel to what happened there. But, it’s not a copy! On the other hand,  creator Damon Lindelof introduced a variety of plot twists and characters of his own. But suddenly something happened that messed up production completely. What? Well, keep reading to know more!

Release date: “Watchman Season 2.”

The first season came out in October 2019 on HBO. However, soon after the release Damon Lindelof, the mastermind behind the entire show left his role suddenly. His statement said that he had completed his intended story and had nothing left to provide! Quite out of the blue, isn’t it, considering the huge response the show received!

According to our sources, this show was Lindelof’s baby project, and he had worked very hard to get it going. Hence, his sudden exit remains a mystery for all of us. As a result, HBO has confirmed that they have no interest in continuing with any further seasons unless Damon comes back. So, as of now, the possibilities of a “Watchman Season 2” are very bleak.

Unless you can somehow get hold of Mr. Lindelof and convince him to come back! Please do!

Star cast: “The Watchmen Season 2.”

The lead characters of the story are police officers Angela Abar and Judd Crawford, who have been played by Regina King and Don Johnson. The other actors include Tim Blake Nelson as Wade Tillman, Andrew Howard as Red Scare, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen as Calvin Abar.

However, we have an interesting piece of news for you. Even though this was probably the show which brought Regina King to the limelight, she has announced that unless Lindelof comes back, she won’t be returning as the “Sister Night.” Just another reason to get the “#ComeBackDamon” movement started, I guess!

Plot: “The Watchmen Season 2”

Although there haven’t been any particular announcements regarding how Season 2 might turn up, we have a few assumptions of our own! Considering Season 2 would be a direct continuation of Season 1, we know for certain fans would get to see what happened to Angela Abar after she eats Doctor Manhattan’s “God-egg.” That sounded a little weird, didn’t it? However, fans who’ve seen Season 1 know exactly what I’m talking about!

Well, all this happens only if HBO decides to change its decision. So, we can just wait and watch.

Storyline: “The Watchmen Season 2”

The show starts in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where a white supremacist group called the “Seventh Cavalry” wages a full-on war against the minorities and the police. And that too, a special unit of the police force who provide reparations to the victims of racial injustice. On Christmas Eve, the Cavalry attacked the homes of 40 such police officers as an act of what they called the “White Night.” Out of the few policemen who survived the night, only two remained in the force- Detective Angela Abar and Police Chief Judd Crawford. Will they be able to rebuild the integrity and strength of the force? What will this racist and psychotic group of mercenaries do next?

Considering there’s a very bleak possibility of a Season 2 happening, let’s not give out all the details. Come on, enjoy it on your own! It’ll be worth it!


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