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Adult Game Show “Floor Is Lava Season 2″: Kids are prohibited trying this at home! Click to know cast, plot and more!

Most of us must have played an exciting game called “Floor Is Lava” in our childhood. The only rule of the game is jumping from one furniture piece to another, trying not to touch the floor. We faked the ground as lava, though. But, you did not imagine a game show to occur until Netflix introduced such a concept to life. An appropriately titled show “Floor Is Lava” offers a contestant a chance to win $10,000 and major bragging rights. They can own the winner’s title only if they cross a giant (lava-filled obstacle) without falling into the red substance.

The premiere of Floor Is Lava Season 2:

Season one debuted on Netflix with ten half-hour episodes at once on June 19, 2020. The show snatched number one position on Netflix’s “Top 10 in the U.S Today” list within seven days. Undoubtedly, viewers have showered love as they cannot refrain from watching it. Fans are looking forward to binge-watching another season of Floor Is Lava.

In spite of its immense popularity, Netflix has not yet announced a renewal or cancellation. It is because perhaps the show is still new. However, its popularity guarantees us that Netflix will surely serve another season. Hence sometime in 2021 seems Floor Is Lava can hit OTT streaming platform Netflix.

Criteria to participate in Floor Is Lava Season 2:

Renewal of season two may bring back co-host of Top Gear and the host of the previous season Rutledge Wood.

Anyone can sign up for the show if he/she meets its age criterion that is at least 18 years. No official has confirmed it yet if the previous rules will remain unchanged for this season as well. Following the past rule, in each episode, three teams consisting of 3 members in each can play. As per the official update, no enrolment has been registered so far for the season one. Therefore, we cannot reveal the participants’ names now. As soon as we hear from an official, we will unveil the mystery.

The storyline of Floor Is Lava:

Floor Is Lava centers on the game we played when we were a kid. The gooey lava is nothing but a mixture of red watercolor in this game show. To win the match, a participant needs to hop on the furniture without falling into the 80,000 gallons of lava. Teams bag a point for each person who makes it to the end without slipping. If they fall into the gooey lava around them and touch the floor below you, the game is over. If there’s a tie, the team that has finished the game in the shortest time wins.

Netflix has a disclaimer for Kids that they should not try this at home, though it is the reason that the show exists.

So far, viewers are quite overwhelmed about revisiting their favorite childhood game in a bonkers competition show. And, we have seen people being curious to know about what the lava is made from. The audience is also inquiring about where the contestants go after falling into the lava. These questions indicate that the show has successfully created a buzz among the viewers.