“Cable Girls” Season 5: “Will Linda find Sophia”! Click to know the Release Date, Plot, Cast and More!

A  Spanish web series drama, a story in the Spanish period in the 1920s released all over the world in the Netflix network. It’s a four girl’s based story who were thriving for their rights, where blooms a beautiful friendship. The Cable Girls series is a journey of the girls about their path, adventure, friendship, family, work at last equality among the male dominant society. It is the first Spanish language series on Netflix Network.

There are four seasons so far released in Netflix with different themes such as  “dreams”, “memories”, “lies”, “Feelings” with thirty-seven episodes and running time of forty-one to sixty-three minutes. The series five (5)  is going to be released soon in the Netflix network with amazing adventures of the girls with the theme “The Past”.

“The Cable Girls” Season 5: Release Date

The first season released on April 28 2017 and the consequent season has been released each year. the filming of the fifth season was finished and its first half is released on February fourteen, 2020, the second half will be released soon on July third, 2020 that is in few days.

“The Cable Girls” Season 5: Cast Starring

The casts starring in this web television series are Ana Fernandez(Carlota), Blanca Suarez(Lidia), Nadia de Santiago(Maria Immaculada ), Maggie Civantos(Angeles viral) are the Spanish actress as the main four girls staring since it is adapted from Spanish series.

“The Cable Girls” Season 5: Plot

Season five scenes revolve around the past of the girls, the adventures and how they overcome from the trouble, as the trailer of the second part has been released we can see how the three women try to help Sophia to get out of her trouble and the truth that carmen has not died and come back to get revenge against them. In this series we can see the threatens, a decision to be made, and for some life changes.

“The Cable Girls” Season 5: Storyline

This story is about a newly opened telecommunication company where these four girls meet up and become friends they are well attached to their families and this job gives them a decent salary as the days go on they meet up with a lot of trouble for their right.

In season five Linda returns from Spain in search of her daughter where Sophia joins the Republicans of the civil war, she and her friends suffer from the civil war and in the second part of the series she continues her search for her daughter and the consequences they will be the end of the story.

“The Cable Girls” Season 5: Awards

This series got so many awards in categories like Platino Award for Best Actress in an Ibero-American Miniseries, Ondas award for national television in Best BroadcastContent, GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Scripted Television Series, Best Foreign Series Award and also it was nominated for different awards.

“The Cable Girls” Season 5: Comments

This is the best series in the Spanish language, so Netflix Network has adapted this in the English language and got so many viewers and positive comments, it is considered as the best foreign-language series.




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