“Crazy Delicious”: The British cooking show coming back for a second season? Click to know what the contestants are cooking!

Cooking has become a hobby for many of us in this quarantine. So much of free time has us groping for anything productive to do. This has brought out the budding chefs in all of us. You can see many people posting their dishes on social media or even start their cooking channels on YouTube.

Cooking is more than a vocation. It is a hobby. It is a therapy for stress. The organized stepwise preparation of the ingredients and the methodic cooking is a stress buster.

Many cooking shows like MasterChef have attempted to bring out the culinary best in the participants. These shows ensure quality with some of the best in the culinary industry mentoring and judging the participants.

Crazy Delicious is one such reality cooking competition. It is a British culinary show with the world’s best chefs as their judging panel. As said in the above excerpt, cooking has become an essential part of all our quarantines. So without a doubt, the show is a massive hit!

Dive in to find out more about one of the most famous cooking shows across all viewing platforms!

Production and Release Date: Crazy Delicious- Season 2

It is an original British Channel 4 production. It aired for the English audience in January 2020. The show was available for international audiences with a Netflix release on 24th June 2020.

Will the show return for a second season? Nothing can be said at this point.

The show finished airing in February 2020 only. So, it’s too early for Channel 4 to renew the show for a new season. The production will wait for the show to gain maximum ratings and a massive viewing audience before green-lighting a new season. So far, the show has gained massive positive response from the viewers. With the show now streaming on Netflix, the audience is bound to increase manifold. This will push the studio to consider a second season.

About the show: Crazy Delicious- Season 2

This is a world-class culinary competition. The contestants have to go through rigorous levels of selections judged by a formidable panel. The twist that separates Crazy Delicious from all the other cooking shows is that the budding cooks have to convert ordinary and mundane dishes into something that might be served in a five-star restaurant.

Each contestant has to pick up an age-old traditional recipe and make it as contemporary as possible. A dish will be tested on its taste, presentation, ambiance, and uniqueness of the recipe. The judges award the best cook of the day with a ‘Golden Apple’ at the end of each episode

Judges’ Panel: Crazy Delicious

  1. Jayde Adams – The presenter: She is a British comedian, actress, singer, and writer from Bristol. She hosts Crazy Delicious.
  2. Heston Blumenthal- Judge: He is a British celebrity chef. He is the owner of ‘The Fat Duck in Bray’ one of the five restaurants in Britain to have three Michelin stars.
  3. Niklas Ekstedt- Judge: He is a Swedish chef and a hotel manager.
  4. Carla Hall- Judge: She is an American chef, TV personality, and a former model.

The competition caters to the best of the best. There is something really therapeutic about watching people cook and this show proves it. If you want to turn up your cooking gears in isolation, then this is the show for you!


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