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“Deadpool 3”: Will “Disney” be able to come in terms with the “Merc with a Mouth”?

What are mercenaries? They’re ruthless killers, right? That is, the villains of the story, well, before Deadpool arrived in the scene! This big-mouthed anti-hero took the world by storm when the first movie came out in 2016. It was the first R-rated superhero film, and boy did it make an impact! At a meager budget of $ 58 million, the movie ended up making $783 million at the Box Office!

Considering the enormous popularity and charisma of the character, you must think it must’ve been an easy pick for the producers, right? Well, according to Ryan Reynolds, he had pitched the idea way back in 2004, and it took the guys in the corporate suits 11 years before they could release it. Well, let’s face it. “Deadpool” had everything, from gory blood scenes to its protagonist blowing himself up into a million pieces. We even got some pretty crazy Chinese New Year based sex scenes. Well well! However, fans just don’t seem to get enough of him, because, accept it or not, Deadpool is arguably the most entertaining character in the MCU!

Soon after “Deadpool 2” released in 2018, with an entire parade of new characters, fans were back asking what’s about to happen next? However, certain incidents lead to numerous complications regarding the production of “Deadpool.” What? Well, keep reading to know more about what happened!

Release date: “Deadpool 3.”

“Deadpool” and “Deadpool 2” were released under Fox. Hence there weren’t many issues regarding its R-rated content. However, Disney has acquired Fox now. So, the biggest question is, how does the foul-mouthed mercenary fit in with Disney’s lineup? Further, Marvel Studios announced its Phase 4 movies in Comic-Con  2019, and Deadpool 3 wasn’t a part of it! And since Phase 4 continues until February 2022, there’s very little chance of any updates before that.

However, we’ve got some good news too. Ryan Reynolds recently announced that they had received permission from Marvel and Disney to go forward with their current format! So, as soon as they narrow down on a possible plot, production work would start immediately! So, “Deadpool 3” is coming out, you might just have to wait for it a little!

Star cast: “Deadpool 3.”

Well, in these testing times, there’s just one certainty in the world. There’s no Deadpool without Ryan Reynolds! So, he would be leading the show this time as well. Apart from that, other characters like Cable played by Josh Brolin and Domino by Zazie Beetz are also probably going to be back.

However, there’s another catch here! Morena Baccarin, who plays the role of Deadpool’s girlfriend, recently said that she hadn’t been approached by the company yet. This leads to numerous questions regarding the future of her character, Vanessa. However, if you ask us, considering how the second movie ended with her revival, it’s just a matter of time since Morena gets back with the squad!

Plot: “Deadpool 3”

Well, just like any other Marvel movie, they’ve remained completely tight-lipped regarding where the story might be going. However, Reynolds has gone on record saying that he has no clue where his character is heading! ” Looking to go in a completely different direction” is all he has to say!

We have a few things in mind, though! The last time we saw the Nagasonic, she was fixing the time machine. So there might be an aspect where Deadpool does some time traveling as well. Super-villain Cable’s daughter, Hope, might also be featured in this movie considering the pivotal role she plays in the growth of mutant-kind.

We’ve got one more for you! Although this one is a little bleak, just imagine a sudden appearance of Wolverine in “Deadpool 3”. The fans would go nuts considering how much everyone was left in tears when Hugh Jackman finally laid down his claws in “Logan.” Considering the unimaginable response the crossover might get, and the fact that Marvel always has some tricks up their sleeves, let’s wait and see!

Storyline: “Deadpool 3”

The origin story of Deadpool is pretty tragic. Wade Wilson is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and soon after decides to leave his girlfriend without any warning so that she wouldn’t have to see him die. He then meets a mad scientist who promises to cure him. They inject him with some mutant serum, which not only cures him but also gives his body to continuously heal at a superhuman rate! However, Wade soon realizes that this experiment has left his entire body disfigured and filled with scars so deep, even his girlfriend might not recognize him.

So to think of it, maybe the center of Deadpool’s unending taunts and dark humor is the constant pain regarding the fact that he’ll never be cured. Or maybe I’m just rambling, and Deadpool is just too cool for us mortals to understand! Chimichanga!


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