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Heroic Tale “The Batman”: Rumor has it that “Joaquin Phoenix” will be seen in the upcoming movie!

Batman is a Superheroic movie from DC Comics. The country of origin is the United States of America. The film is directed by Matt Reeves. The producers are Dylan Clark and Matt Reeves. The story was written by Mattson Tomblin and Matt Reeves. The story is derived from Batman, directed by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Tyler Nelson and William Hoy are the editors.

The music director of Batman is Michael Giacchino. The Cinematography is done by Greig Fraser. The original language is English. The production companies are DC Films and 6th and Idaho Productions. The movie is distributed by Warner Bros  Pictures. The picture format is in 4k ultra-high, and audio format is in doubt digital.

Release Date of The Batman

The official release date of Batman was first announced on June 25, 2021. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the production team planned to release the movie on October 1, 2021. This is the confirmed release date. The post-production works, and the filming of the movie started last year. The team is filming the movie in different locations and various parts of America.

Gotham City was well-known for its shooting locations. The crew finds it difficult to get more locations due to the virus outbreak. So, we can predict some location changes in the upcoming movie. Fans are waiting for the upcoming movie of Batman. It is also difficult to choose the proper locations for filming. The team might film an important sequence in Gotham city. They have to wait until the conditions get better.

The Cast of The Batman

Robert Pattinson is playing the leading role of Bruce Wayne and Batman. He was portrayed as a billionaire in the upcoming movie. Zoë Kravitz is playing Selina Kyle and Catwoman. She is represented as a female Batman. Paul Dano is acting as Edward Nashton and Riddler, Jeffrey Wright is staring as James Gordon. He is the commissioner of Gotham city’s police department. John Turturro is staring as Carmine Falcone,
Peter Sarsgaard appears as Gil Colson. He is the attorney of Gotham city.

Jayme Lawson is playing the role of Bella Reál. She is one of the mayoral candidates of the Gotham city. Andy Serkis is starring as Alfred Pennyworth. He is an educator of Batman. Collin Farrell is acting as Oswald. The team also planned to engage a new cast in the movie. But there is no information revealed regarding the new stars. Batman’s team is more curious about selecting the characters.

The Plot of The Batman

Batman saves the people of Gotham City from criminals. His first-ever war begins with Jack Napier, who is portrayed as a clown/joker in the movie. He threatens the people of Gotham City and kills the innocent. Corruption prevailed over the whole city, and crimes started increasing. Batman, with his troops and mentors, eradicated corruption and crime. Catwoman is also going to play the leading role as per the information from the production team. Stay tuned with us to gather more information and details about the upcoming movie.


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