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“Hunters Season 2”: The future of the ‘Nazi hunters’! Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

Amazon prime’s ‘Hunters’ is an American drama tv series. The series, created by David Well, centers around a diverse group of Nazi Hunters living in 70’s New York City. These hunters discover Nazi’s plans to create a fourth Reich in the U.S and attempt to put an end to it. Premiering in February 2020, the first season of the series contains ten episodes. Upon release, the debut season received mixed reviews. Critics praised its premise, acting performance, and action sequences. But also criticized the historical inaccuracies, the pacing, and the conclusion.

Hunters Season 2: Release date

Unfortunately, there’s no information available about the season two release date. Amazon Prime is yet to renew the series for a second season. There’s uncertainty about whether the series would be renewed at all. At the moment, we can just wait for an official word from the makers or Amazon.

Hunters Season 2: Expected plot

Since the series hasn’t been renewed yet, we know next to nothing about the plot of season two. Though we can assume that it will pick up where the first season left off. The shocking revelation at the end of season one will surely impact the story of season two. Additionally, rumors suggest that clashes between Millie’s task force and Jonah’s Hunters will be a focal point. Joe, who’s kidnapped in the first season, might be used as a weapon by the Nazis in the next season. Showrunner Nikki Toscano stated that season two would involve lots of emotional moments and soul searching.

Hunters Season 2: Possible cast & characters

As mentioned before, the series hasn’t been renewed yet, so we can’t be sure about the cast for the next season. Legendary actor Al Pacino was a big draw for the debut season. But considering the events of the previous season, we are not sure of his return. Still, the actor might return to reprise his role in the flashbacks. Apart from him, the main cast can be expected to remain. Actors such as Logan Lerman (playing Jonah Heidelbaum); Kate Mulvaney (Sister Harriet); Josh Radnor (Lonny Flash); Jerrika Hinton (Millie Morris); Lena Olin (The colonel/Eva Braun) among others will probably be back on our screens. Additionally, the cameo of Adolf Hitler in the first season finale suggests that he might have a more prominent role in the sequel series. A big-name actor might be cast to play the role of Hitler if the second season happens.

Hunters Season 2: Other details

Even though there is no surety for the second season, series creator David Weil has said that he has plans for five seasons of the series. He further added that the series finale is ready in his mind. Despite its flawed first season, the series definitely had its moments. The story has a lot to offer, and especially with the cliffhanger ending, fans will surely be demanding the series to be renewed.

Hunters Season 2: Trailer

Fans shouldn’t be holding on to hopes for a trailer release. Production on the second season hasn’t even begun yet. We aren’t sure whether it will begin at all. Right now, a trailer is out of the question.