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“Mob Psycho 100 Season 3”: What new hurdles will “Shigeo Kageyama” face? Click to know release date, cast, plot and more

With every passing year, the entertainment industry of southeast Asia is gearing up. Especially animes are wildly liked, with multiple fan pages all over the internet. Animes are so addictive as they are a perfect blend of action, comedy, and drama. Moreover, they are a delightful watch for all age groups. One such anime with an extra-large fan following is Mob Psycho 100. Moreover, the anime gained insane popularity after the second season. It is an amazing mixture of all elements: action, adventure, and supernatural. The anime is based on the manga by ONE.

Moreover, just after the binging the first season, you will have an addition to your playlist as the original soundtrack is quite impressive. Also, the opening song is ever so wonderful. In addition, the main character surely makes an impression. You will get attached to the story of Shigeo Kageyama. If you are interested in knowing all about Mob Psycho 100 Season 3, then continue reading.

Release Date of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3

The first season of Mob Psycho 100, they premiered in July 2016. Thereafter, Season 2 aired from January to April 2019. The anime has a large fan base. As a result, both the seasons are available on Netflix and Crunchyroll with English dub. In 2018, it even released in  Adult Swim’s Toonami block. In addition to the loyal fan support, the anime is critically praised as well. Critics applauded the visual arts and heroism component of the story.

As for now, there is no news for Mob Psycho 100 Season 3. But keeping in mind the critical response and fan following, it is bound to happen. But it is pretty clear that Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 will not launch in 2020, at least as the Bones Studio is currently busy with other projects like My Hero Academia Season 5. Moreover, Hero Academia movie is also in the pipeline. Thus, Mob Psycho 100 Season 3 is likely to arrive in 2021. However, it may get pushed further to 2022 due to the global pandemic.

The cast of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3

Of course, the star duo of Sheigo Kageyama (Setsuo Ito) and Reigen Arataka (Takahiro Sakurai) will be back in Season 3. Season 2 observed a new entry to the cast, Serizawa. Other expected members of the cast are Dimple, Teruki Hanazawa, Shou Suzuki, Ritsu Kageyama, and Tsubomi.

The plot of Mob Psycho 100 Season 3

The anime revolves around a middle-schooler, Shigeo Kageyama. Kageyama is nicknamed as MOB as he doesn’t stand out in the crowd. However, Shigeo has a special ability. He happens to be an Esper and has telepathic powers. To gain control over his powers, he starts working with Reigen Arataka. But Reigen is a con-man. Shigeo faces many hurdles as he gets to know more espers.

The story of Shigeo is quite relatable. He turns from a shy boy to a confident person. Moreover, the character of Reigen Arataka adds comic relief to the story. The first season they covered 1100 pages of the manga. After the second season, 800 pages are still left. So a whole new season could be made out of it. The creators have hinted that they can easily spin out 13-14 episodes from the manga.

In the finale of the last season, we saw a broccoli tree coming out of nowhere. This might have a significance in the upcoming season. Also, Reigen got a new assistant. In season 2, Shigeo tries to come out of his master’s shadow. Now, he has started making decisions for himself. With Sheigeo now being a confident man, Season 3 will be more exciting.

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