“The Nut Job 3”: “Surly”, the squirrel returns for the upcoming season! Click to know Plot, cast and more!

The nut job was a 3D animated movie released back in 2014. Followed by The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature premiered on August 11, 2017. News is the third film in the series is in the making. Fans are ecstatic.

The three-film series is based on Peter Lepeniotis’ 2005 short animated film named Surly Squirrel. Both the films are produced by Gulfstream Pictures, Redrover International and ToonBox Entertainment.

The first film, was produced with a budget of $43 million, became the most expensive animated film. It was co-produced in South Korea.

Peter Lepeniotis, wrote the first film, while the second film, The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature, was co-written by Scott Bindley, Cal Brunker and Bob Barlen.

On other news, it was announced that pipeline studios and toolbox entertainment were making an animated TV series based on the film.

The Nut Job 3: Release Date

No release date has been confirmed by either of the production houses. No updates have been announced of the production of the film. But it is in its pre-production stage.

Fans of the film series, hope that the release will be later this year. Speculations are that The Nut Job 3 might release on December 19, 2020, in the USA.

Other than this, not much has been revealed; fans have their theories.

The Nut Job 3: Storyline

The premise of the film series is based on the 2005 animated film, Surly Squirrel, written by Peter Lepeniotis. It revolves around an independent squirrel who is banished from his park, and to earn back the trust of the animals; he organizes a heist by securing food supply, (nuts) for winter.

The story is based in a fictional town, Oakton City. Surly, the independent squirrel, along with his partner, Buddy, plan a heist to compete with Andie and Grayson to collect food supply for winter.

The Nut Job 3: Expected Plot

We expect Surly to be back for The Nut Job 3. Some of the other characters from the previous films can likewise appear in the third part. Along with this, we can also expect Grayson, the hoarding squirrel, to grace the screen. He expects himself to be the diversion center saint. The raccoon from the first two parts may also make a comeback. Who has been out for the blood of Surly and might keep on creating problems for Surly.

”The Nut Job 3” can have different plots and themes. Different from the first two films. We might see Surly and his partners, searching for another nut store. Possibilities are, something might blossom between Andie and Surly. A wedding might be on the cards, which might make the characters livelier. Some of Surly’s old enemies may return to create further problems, and twists may arrive.

The Nut Job 3: Cast

Expectations are the previous voice-over actors for the characters of the film may return. Previously, the actors who loaned their voices for the characters are Will Arnett voices Surly, Brendan Fraser voices Grayson, Gabriel Iglesias voices Jimmy, Jeff Dunham voices Mole, Liam Neeson voices Raccoon, Katherine Heigl voices Andie, and Jackie Chan voices Mr. Feng.

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