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“Vikings Season 6”: Is “Bjorn Ironside” actually dead or is it just a dream? Read to know Plot, cast and more!

Okay, before we start, I’ll give you some food for thought. We all know that the mighty dinosaurs ruled the face of the Earth at one point, but were swept to extinction at one go. Ever thought of the current situation as a similar “Apocalypse” where only the fittest would survive? And talking of one of the fittest and strongest race of humans to have ever walked on this Earth, the first name we have in mind are the Vikings. Smooth introduction, right? I know!

“Vikings” is a historical drama-action series that first came out in HistoryTV in 2013. Soon after, both Netflix and Amazon Prime picked it up for their streaming platforms. After a solid six-year run, which also consisted of five other seasons, creators finally announced in 2019 that Season 6 would be the last. However, there have been rumors about a sequel series as well. Keep reading to know more updates!

Release date: “Vikings Season 6.”

The 20-episodes Season 6 was supposed to be aired in two parts. The first part was aired in December 2019. The second and the last part of the series were initially assumed to come out by October 2020. However, the current global pandemic situation has delayed production to a large extent, and a 2020 release is unlikely. So, our money is on somewhere around mid or even late 2021! However, there hasn’t been any official statement from either Netflix or History.

However, we have some good news for you. Netflix has announced a sequel series for the show called “Vikings: Valhalla.” This new venture will be available on their platform soon after Season 6 finishes off. So, as you see, we’ve got quite some “Viking action” lined up for us!

Star cast: “Vikings Season 6.”

The show is based on the barbarous lifestyle and adventures of the Vikings in an early medieval Scandinavia. So, as expected, over the seasons, there have been numerous characters that have come and gone. However, the lead characters who’re all set to star in Season 6 include Alexander Ludwig as Bjorn Ironside, Alex Hogh Anderson as Ivar, Peter Franzen as Harald Finehair, and Eric Johnson as Erik the Red.

Plot: “Vikings Season 6”

The mid-season finale left quite a few questions wide open for speculations. Just as viewers had finally started to accept Bjorn Ironside, he was killed off in cold blood by his brother Ivar. Or was he? Although we see Bjorn being run through with a sword, there haven’t been any confirmations regarding his death. And they are the mighty Vikings after all! So there is a possibility that he might’ve survived, even though seriously injured.

As you see above, Ludwig has the trademark Bjorn’s scars and tattoos, however, he looks so much older. This is from his Instagram story.  It further asserts our first assumption. However, we’ve got another possibility, which is just as interesting! Maybe, Bjorn was dreaming about the entire fight scene while he was planning his war with Ivar’s army. This would explain that random post-credits scene where Ivar and Bjorn have a brotherly conversation on the beach!

Well, there are numerous ways the story can turn out. For now, we can just wait and watch!

Storyline: “Vikings Season 6”

The storyline initially started with the exploits of the legendary Viking Chief Ragnar Lothbrok, who, with the help of his generals and army, managed to set up a huge empire. However, soon after his unfortunate death in Season 4, the story has followed up the rivalry and expeditions of his sons. The son who sits on the actual thrown of Kattegat, Bjorn Ironside, dreams of peace and prosperity. However, the other sons join forces with their rivals, and all hell runs loose.

Stuck between these rivalries is their mother, Lagertha, who has had enough of the fighting and just wants to go back to a simple life! But will she be able to? Is it that simple? Will the brothers ever see eye-to-eye and fend off their enemies? Well, for that, you’ll just have to binge-watch it all. Trust me; it’d be worthwhile!


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