“Animal Kingdom Season 5”: Is “Smurf” coming back in the upcoming season? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

“Animal Kingdom” is a  family TV series. The director of the series is Jonathan Lisco. It is based on the movie of the same name by David Michod. The series was first released on 14 June in 2016. So far the series has 49 episodes. The original network of the series is TNT. In the July of 2019, TNT renewed the series for a fifth season.

Release Date: “Animal Kingdom Season 5”

We all know about the ongoing deadly COVID-19 Pandemic all over the world. Due to the pandemic post-production of the “Animal Kingdom 5” has been halted just like all the other industries. We might be able to see the fifth season by the end of this year or at the beginning of next year. Until now there is no announcement of the release date of the fifth season of the series.

Cast: “Animal Kingdom Season 5”

We are looking forward to the return of the main leads from the last season. We can also see some fresh faces in the fifth season. The expected cast are-

  • Daniella Alonso played the role of Catherine Blackwell
  • Ellen Barkin played the role of Janine Cody (Smurf)
  • Scott  Speedman played the role of Barry Blackwell
  • Molly Gordon played the role of Nicky Belmont
  • Shawn Hatosy played the role of  Andrew Cody
  • Jake Weary played the role of  Deran Cody
  • Finn Cody played the role of  Joshua Cody
  • Ben Robson played the role of Craig Cody
  • Carolina Guerra played the role of Lucy

Plot: “Animal Kingdom Season 5”

Nothing about the plot of the fifth season has been revealed yet. There are many turns the season can take. It can lead to a war of succession with the death of patriarch death. We might find family members destroying each other because of it. It is scary how the war of succession is considered normal in situations like this whether in reel life or real… isn’t it? The plot might also show us entries of some dangerous men and women as now Smurf won’t be able to keep them at bay anymore.

The season can also take it turns to the mystery of Pam. We might get to see why Smurf left the majority of her fortune to her? Is it because of her kindness or is there some extreme secret?

Storyline: “Animal Kingdom Season”

The story of the animal Kingdom revolves around a 17-year-old boy “Joshua”. After his mother’s death, he moves to his grandmother’s (Smurf) house. She is the head of a criminal family. She uses her home as a base. Joshua discovers that she is a criminal and he gets involved with his cousins and grandmother. Smurf told him that every man should have a gun. She then gives him a gun They picked out a huge robbery in the first season.

The second season reveals the major truth. Baz finds out that that Pope killed Catherine. The series reveals something new that Lucy has now robbed him and set him up. The third series left us with many doubts and questions. Smurf accepted that she is responsible for Baz’s death. Everyone realized that they cant trust Smurf. The fourth season is all about how “The Cody Boys” will manage to survive without Smurf!

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