“Derry Girls Season 3”: Will the historic “Good Friday Agreement” be a part of the story this time?

If you’re someone who’s looking for something you can relate to, well we’ve got something for you. “Derry Girls” is a British TV show that has been created and written by Lisa McGee. And boy did she do a good job! When the first season came out in 2016, it didn’t invest much on promotions. However, owing to its hilarious storytelling and realistic acting, the series was an instant hit among fans! Now, look even a “Derry Girls Season 3” is underway!

“Derry Girls” is the perfect teenage life story. Why? Well, it will take you through a nostalgic trip back to school, with plenty of “Oh, yes I’ve done that” moments! It also has an ample amount of teenage goof-ups, strange parenting, almost sadistic teachers and pretty hilarious conversations. What more could a person want, eh?

Release date: “Derry Girls Season 3”

The last episode of “Derry Girls Season 2” came out in April 2019. Owing to its huge fan base and popularity, creators soon announced Season 3 which was supposed to come out during mid-2020. However, here comes the bad news. Just like most of the series out there, producers had to leave all the work midway due to the global pandemic situation. Owing to this delay, a 2020-release is pretty impossible.

However, Channel 4 has been pretty efficient with its releases, so we do expect the third installment of “Derry Girls” to arrive by early-2021. Let’s wait and watch!

Star cast: “Derry Girls Season 3”

The base story for “Derry Girls” is pretty simple. However, explicit scriptwriting and real-life acting have made the series that much more special. The lead roles have been played by Saoirse Monica Johnson as Erin Quinn, Loisa Harland as Orla McCool, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell as Michelle Mallon, and Nicola Coughlan as Clare.

Oh, how could I forget! The hilarious James Maguire is being played by Dylan Llewellyn. And considering how these five form the heart of the story, they’ll certainly be back for Season 3!

Plot: “Derry Girls Season 3”

Although nothing much is known about what’s going to happen in Season 3, we do have a few points we would like to discuss. The Season 2 finale ended with two huge incidents- President Bill Clinton’s visit to Derry and the IRA ceasefire. So, we were left in a cliffhanger about what’s going to happen to the gang amidst all this tension!

We also have a little teaser for you here! McGee, in one of her interviews, revealed that it would be a shame not to cover the Good Friday Agreement in the upcoming seasons. So, history geeks, you’re in for a treat!

To know more updates, you can follow Lisa McGee on her  Instagram handle.

Storyline: “Derry Girls Season 3”

People who haven’t seen the show must be mind-boggled by now. Bill Clinton, Good Friday Agreement, what? Don’t worry, we’ll clear it out for you. Actually, “Derry Girls” is based on the lives of five teenage girls living in the historic little town of Derry in the 1990s. Well, not really five girls, there is a boy involved as well! But James is an essential part of the girl gang. You get my point!

Throughout the two seasons, the creators have taken us right back to our school days- those long detention hours, those hilarious conversations back home, those awkward moments back home, you name it! Teenage crushes, heartbreaks, first-times, they’ve got it all.  Already feel the nostalgia creeping in? Go on, the first two seasons are on Netflix!


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