“Designated Survivor Season 4”: Will “President Kirkman” be able to handle his new found responsibilities?

Have been fans of movies like “White House Down” and “Olympus Has Fallen”? Well, you’re in the right place! We’ve got just the right series for you. “Designated Survivor”  is an American political-action TV series that first came out way back in 2016. The first two seasons were aired by ABC, after which it shifted to Netflix. Hence, Netflix would be responsible for “Designated Survivor Season 4” as well!

What makes this series so much better than other such fast-paced stories is it’s attention to detail. Every character has studied and interpreted to perfection! Apart from all the guns, the story has a fair bit of political drama which makes that much more interesting. Also, there’s an interesting twist to the stereotypical President gets attacked story. What? Well, keep reading!

Release date: “Designated Survivor Season 4”

The third season of “Designated Survivor” came out on June 7, 2019. It received a huge response just like the first two seasons. However, to the fan’s dismay, the show was canceled soon after this.

Why? Well, the producers felt that they had provided a satisfactory conclusion to the story and there was nothing left to give. But this isn’t the first time this beloved series has been canceled! Back in 2018, the American Broadcasting Company(ABC) had canceled the show right after its second season. But, as of now, we don’t have any updates regarding if ever there’s gonna be a Season 4. However, be sure to follow their Instagram

page to get the latest updates!

Star cast: “Designated Survivor Season 4”

The story revolves around the “Designated Survivor”, Thomas Kirkman who has been played by Kiefer Sutherland. The other characters include Jamie Clayton as Sasha, Elena Tovar as Isabel, Kal Penn as Seth and Anthony Edwards as Mars. Although, there have been no confirmations from Netflix, if at all the series gets renewed, these guys will surely be a part of it!

Plot: “Designated Survivor Season 4”

To be honest, we don’t know! Season 3 ended in a pretty satisfactory note with both Myles Lee and Lorraine being arrested by the FBI for double-crossing the Kirkman campaign. We also find that Thomas Kirkman finally starts his journey as the President of the United States. But with great power comes great responsibilities. And the more power you have more will be the number of people who want to take it away from you!

So, what happens next? Will Kirkman live up to the challenge? Well, probably we’ll never know! Or will we?

Storyline: “Designated Survivor Season 4”

So why should you spend your precious time and watch this series? Well, who are we kidding! It’s a lockdown season and most of us are very bored! But even if it wasn’t, even then “Designated Survivor” would still be a pretty interesting watch. Why? Well, let’s break it down a little for you!

Most such stories have the same basic plot. White House gets attacked, ex-cop gets involved, saves the President, is the hero. Right? But here, we don’t have any soldier saving the day. We’ve got a terrorist attack which finishes off the entire Presidential Cabinet members! All, but one. Thomas Kirkman. With all the people ahead of him in the line of succession dead, Kirkman has no option but to take up the job.

But it’s not the president of a student’s club, is it? Being the POTUS is no joke, and Kirkman releases that soon enough! Will be up to the job? Well, we just hope Netflix listens to our prayers and renews it!


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