“Solo Leveling” Season 2: Will Sung Jin-Woo rank as the S Rank Hunter!Click to know more!

A South Korean web novel Solo Leveling written by Chu-Gong, its serialized in KakaoPage and Piccoma, it was adapted in English Only I level Up as a web novel. This Webtoon is an action-based fantasy adventure. It has been translated by many fans in their languages. The Season one contains two-volume in the webtoon.

A piece of great news for the anime lovers who are waiting for their favorite webtoon sequel, the new season for Solo Leveling is yet to come up with a surprising thrilling action sequences with a lot of fantastical elements, let’s know more about the cast, plot, of this new upcoming season.

“Solo Leveling” Season 2: Release Date

This anime was aired on March 2018, and this collection of the first volume ended its last episode recently on March 2020, which paved way for season 2 but still, there is no official announcement for the next season but the achievement and appreciation the first season got, surely the second season will come we can expect it to be aired on 2021 or 2022 so we can wait for its grand release.

“Solo Leveling” Season 2: Characters Starring

The characters in this webtoon series for the season 2 will be the protagonist of this anime Sung Jin-Woo, he will definitely return to the second part,  and some of the minor characters Chi-Yul Song, Esil Radiru, Hae-In-Cha, Jin-Ah Sung, Jin-Ho Yoo, Ju-Hee Lee, and some new characters of monsters and fantasy the season two will be aired.

“Solo Leveling” Season 2: Plot

In season two Sung Jin-Woo a weaker one in the hunters becomes a stronger player who can see the quests, he will try to succeed as a powerful player by going through a lot of adventures and able to defeat a lot of monsters he will prove himself in the hunters’ group and we will be able to see he becomes an S-rank hunter.


We will able to see adventures, thrilling action sequences, and with a lot of fantastical elements in this season.

“Solo Leveling” Season 2: Storyline

This web anime reveals the story of two dimensions, wherein one with humans and in the other with monsters. But there arises a problem when monsters enter the human world through a portal and the dangerous thing for humans where they trouble them.

Few people who have power stand against these monsters from humans. These gang groups are called by the famous name Hunters, where the main hero Sung Jin-Woo is considered as the weakest in his ranking.

One day every hunter is trapped in a vault with some Quest to set free of themselves where he tries his best and passes all the trials and becomes a player or a serious peer in the team.

“Solo Leveling” Season 2: Reviews

This Webtoon has got one million and more readership also selected as the number one webtoon in Piccomas Best of 2019.

It is the best series with fully colored, with great atmosphere in the background and the actions are well done also it keeps entertaining through the quests and keep as curious in every episode with different fantasy sequences.


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