“World War Z 2” is cancelled: Will “Brad Pitt” return in the upcoming season? Click to know!

In 2013,     premiered for the world to see another world of zombies. Seven years later, fans are still waiting for the confirmation of its sequel. While the movie was canceled back in February 2019, after continually changing the potential release dates, zombie fans have not yet lost all hope in Marc Forster, the director of the first film.

Why was it canceled in the first place? Continue reading to know what we know about the much-anticipated film.

World War Z: Release Date

The sequel was announced just after World War Z became a huge hit with a box office gross of $500 million worldwide. It was scheduled to release in 2017. With no development in the film whatsoever, the film was pushed back to 2018; then again to June 2019 because of Brad Pitt’s commitments. David Fincher’s TV series Mindhunter caused the shooting of the sequel to postpone to another date. Paramount halted the pre-production yet again for China – the biggest movie market – had put a ban on zombie movies.

If you’re still thinking about a sequel, do so at your own expense. However, the film can be a reality; although it can be far-fetched. In January 2020, Co-producer Jeremy Kleiner said, “We love Max Brooks’ book. We love the universe of it. It doesn’t feel like World War Z is done and over with.” Better hope for the best!

World War Z: Cast

When the film is not confirmed, making a cast announcement will be a folly. We know that Brad Pitt is in to reprise his role as Gerry Lane, a former UN investigator, and zombie fighter, in the sequel if it does happen. Gerry’s wife Karin Lane is likely to return too. The wife is played by Mireille Enos in the movie.

World War Z 2: Plot

The first film was an adaptation of a novel of the same title by Max Brooks. The novel has a lot of material to offer for the story of the second film.

Fincher, in November 2017, said, “A lot of stones have been laid.” “We’re just deconstructing it right now against the mythology that exists to see where we can go.”

We have no idea about the plot. Dennis Kelly, best known for his thriller series Utopia, hopped on the project in October 2015. He wrote the script back then. We have no way to know if it passed, or if at all this is something still on their minds after five long life-altering years.

World War Z: Finale

The film left off with Gerry reuniting with his family in Nova Scotia. Originally, the film was supposed to end with him going to Russia, where he fought bravely to rescue his fellow Israeli soldier. The victory montage used the footage of this scene at the end of the movie.

In the course of the film, Gerry made a huge discovery that the zombies left you alone if they think (with their brainless tops) you were dying or sick. This led to the development of a vaccine that allowed people to pose as ill while easily facing the zombies.

Where will the sequel go? That’s tough even for us.

World War Z: Trailer

As the film is a no-show, for now, we don’t have a trailer yet.

Stay tuned to know all the latest updates on the sequel!










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