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“Black Summer Season 2”: Will “Rose” be able to fend off an entire army of “zombies” on her own?

Black Summer season 2 poster

Always a sucker for “zombie apocalypse” movies? Loved “World War Z”? Or are you one of those who have a secret safe in your house in case a zombie comes knocking at your door? Well, whatever might be the case, we’ve got you covered! “Black Summer” is a zombie apocalypse drama which will take you right where you don’t want to be!

Calgary's urban sprawl and Stampede grounds are the location for Netflix's latest zombie series Black Summer. The final episode was shot on the Stampede grounds.

The first season came out in April 2019 on Netflix. Considering the huge response the series got after it released, Netflix soon renewed it for a Season 2.People who’ve seen Syfy’s “Z-Nation” might have noticed some similarities. Well, kudos to you! Because this series is a sort of a spinoff to “Z-nation”!

But when is ”  Black Summer: Season 2″ coming out? What will it be about? For that, keep reading!

Release date: “Black Summer Season 2”

Soon after the first season premiered in  July, Netflix was pretty quick to announce the second season in November 2019. Initially, it was supposed to come by the end of 2020. However, due to the global pandemic situation, production hasn’t been even halfway yet! So, a 2020 date is out of the question.

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It’s coming! #blacksummerseason2

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However, if things start getting better, we might expect the second season to come out by mid or late-2021. Well, let’s wait and watch!

Star cast: “Black Summer Season 2”

Although it’d be pretty cool to know the names of zombies that have been cast here, sadly, there haven’t been any mentions anywhere! The lead character, however, is Rose who has been played to perfection by Jaime King. The other characters include Justin Chu Cary as Julius James, Christine Lee as Ooh “Sun” Kyungson, and Sal Valez Jr. as William Velez.

zombie from black summer

Okay, we’ve got a little trivia for you here! Guess the name of the production house for “Black Summer”? Yes, “Asylum”! Talk of coincidences!

Plot: “Black Summer Season 2”

There’s been a pretty big grey area regarding where Season 2 might take us. The main reason for this is the fact that Season 1 ended in a pretty conclusive note. Like, Rose finally succeeds to get back her daughter to safety. But still, there hasn’t been much clarity of how this summer nightmare, or will it ever end?

Will Rose be able to get some help from the outside world? How long will Rose be able to hold on? Especially since she has her beloved little daughter with her too! Well, the list of questions is pretty long! Let’s just hope things get back to normal and we can have our share of zombies-hunting soon enough!

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Storyline: “Black Summer Season 2”

Black  Summer until now has been a story of sheer badass adding up to desperation. In the initial stages of the story, Rose gets separated from her little daughter, Anna in between a zombie apocalypse!

At first, she’s scared to death. But soon enough desperation drives the mother inside her to get up and go “boom boom” on those hideous zombies. Along the way, she manages to pick up other humans who decide to accompany her in her mission as well. Along the way, they lose a few of their men, having no option but to shoot them even! Well, brutal situations lead to brutal decisions.

Although by the end of Season 1, we see that Rose has finally found her daughter. However, the war is far from over! What will happen next? Let’s see!

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