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“Log Horizon Season 3”: Who are those “Unknown Monsters”? Click to know Expected Release date, Plot and more!

Log Horizon is a Japanese Spine Chiller. If you love Japanese Manga Anime Television Series, Don’t miss it! Its creator is Mamare Touno. Kazuhiro Hara is the Illustrator. Satelight has done the animation for Anime Television Series adaptation. It is aired on NHK Educational TV. So far, 2 Seasons are aired. Season 1 aired between Oct 5, 2013, to March 22, 2014. Studio Deen aired the Second season from Oct 4, 2014, to March 28, 2015. Both the Seasons got a fantabulous response from the Anime lovers. Due to the Popular response from the audience, the Studio Deen has renewed the series for Season 3. Now, the Audience is waiting for the release of Season 3.

Release Date: Log Horizon Season 3

After the completion of Season 2, Studio Deen was renewed for Season 3. Initially, it was planned to premiere on Oct 2020. But Due to Covid-19, it has got delayed and not released in October 2020. After that makers Pushed the release date to January 2021. Filming is halted as a result of Production delay is happening. If the Production completes it may release Season 3 in this year itself. World wide Anime lovers are eagerly waiting to watch the Series. Hope it will release as soon as possible. If we got any update regarding the release date, we will surely update You.

Star Cast: Log Horizon Season 3

The Original Voice Star Cast from Previous Seasons will definitely appear in season 3 also with reprising roles. In the previous seasons, Daiki Yamashita acted as Touya, and Yumi Hara has appeared as Mariella. While Mike Yager played as Shiroe, Jovan Jackson acted as Nyanta. Tomoaki Maeno acted as Naotsugu and Memiri Kato appeared as Akatsuki. All these Voice over artists will definitely be acting in Season 3 also. So far, there is no official announcement regarding the Addition / Deletion of Cast.

Expected Plot: Log Horizon Season 3

The Expected Plot of Season 3 starts where Season 2 ends. In Season 2, Shiroe was fighting with the fear of living on the planet Critters. The unknown Monsters will appear in Season 3. The main plot will be dealing with the unknown monsters. Tenwazavai and their invasion will be the main monsters. A rift will occur between the empires and the east.  Bringing peace to Akiba is also a big part of the Plot. However, we don’t much anticipate the Plot of Season 3 much. Because there is no trailer is released. In Season 3 Shiroe’s fight with the unknown monsters will be the main thing.

Story Line: Log Horizon Season 3

Log Horizon Series Storyline is, In Season 1 Shiroe forms a Guild called Log Horizon with the help of his friend Naotsugu. Shiroe is very proud of his lonely lifestyle. Female assassin Akatsuki and others also help Shiroe in Guild building. To change the world,  Shiroe ignores human contact sets out with his friends. Season 2, It covers the First Blue-ray volume released by NHK Enterprise in 2015, featuring Shiroe. Shiroe, the other adventurers trapped inside the Elder Tale Game World. They will struggle for 6 months to adjust to the new changes in lifestyle.

Trailer, Awards & Nominations: Log Horizon Season 3

So far, No trailer released for Season 3. Log Horizon nominated for Behind the Voice actors Awards.  Best Male Vocal Performance in Anime Television series for Chris Patton, Jovan Jackson, Mike yager are nominated.

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