Spinning Out Season 2: Release Date, Plot Details, And Much More!!!

Created by Samantha Stratton, Spinning Out is an American competitive figure skating drama series. The first and what looks like the only season aired on January 1, 2020. Fans are evidently desperate with their pleading tweets, to know if Kat, the young ice skater, and Justin, her bad-boy partner, made it to the nationals. We are here to give you the news – Will there be a second season?
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Spinning Out Season 2: Release Date

Unfortunately, Netflix has canceled the series after running one season. It was announced in February, a little over a month after its release. The streaming platform, when making a renewal decision, evaluates cost vs. viewership data, which deemed it unfavorable for the show to continue.
Netflix can make it possible through after many requests by the fans; there have already been quite a rage in social media. We need to wait to know if Season 2 will ever be greenlit.

Spinning Out Season 2: Cast

If Season 2 will there be, the original cast will be back for it:

  • Kaya Scodelario as Kat Baker
  • Evan Roderick as Justin Davis
  • Willow Shields as Serena Baker
  • David James Elliot as James Davis
  • Sarah Wright Olsen as Mandy Davis

Stratton and Lara Olsen were the executive producers (along with Safehouse Pictures’ Tory Tunnell, Joby Harold, and Matt Schwartz who als0 executive produced), also serving as co-showrunners on the series.

Spinning Out: Storyline

The series follows Kat Baker, a young ice skater who has to turn in her skates after she suffers a serious injury. However, she is given another chance, by God’s miracle, to continue her career as a pair skater with Justin Davis, as equally talented as is “bad”. Kat and Justin face a number of problems on and off the ice, which they overcome to realize their Olympic dream. We know that the former has a family history of mental illness.

The show deals with assault as Kat suspects Mitch, Serena’s coach, to take advantage of her. In the last episode, Kat is distracted from the competition when she observes Serena’s behaviour. Undoubtedly, her suspicion grows.

Spinning Out Season 2: Plot

Dr. Parker is revealed to be a predator. Carol (Serena and Kat’s mother and former skater) took matters in her hands when she inflicted a bat on him. If we get to see a follow-up season, Carol might have to go through a jail term.

The new season can focus on the performance of Kat and Justin, which did not make the first season.
It is also possible that the show can show more issues surrounding mental health and sexual assault.

Spinning Out: Reception

Rotten Tomatoes read, “Though at times more melodramatic than meaningful, Spinning Out’s campy, guilty-pleasure exterior hides a surprisingly thoughtful exploration of living with a mental illness.” The website gave it a 63% rating with 6.5 on 10 tomatoes. Despite having all the ingredients that make a show a good watch – a promising premise, good actors, rhythms, and twists – the show had a mixed reception by the fans.

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