“Close Enough Season 1”: “J.G. Quintel’s” show is finally airing on HBO max after 3 long years!

Close enough is an American animated television series all set to air on HBO max after 3 long years.  Earlier, in 2017, the series was created for TBS. But due to some reasons was shelved. Now in 2020, it is all set to hit television screens with season 1.

The show is created by J.G. Quintel, who also created “Regular show”. Alongside this, it is being produced by Cartoon Network Studios and Studio T.  The series falls under the category of adult animation. Close enough is said to consist of 20 episodes with the running time of 11 minutes each.

The comedy-thriller series has kept its viewing audience on the edge of their seats since its first look arrived. As it explores the transition from their  20s to 30s throughout the series

Close Enough Season 1: Release Date

Close enough season 1 was first announced back in May 2017. It was all set to air on TBS. But due to unknown reasons, the series was shelved.

In October 2019, it was announced that series would premiere on HBO max. The first episode of Close Enough has already premiered on 15 June 2020, at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival. And it received positive reviews from its first episode.

The series is ready to hit screens on 9th July 2020. Everyone is eagerly awaiting its release. Until then, the audience can watch the upcoming promos and trailers of the series.

Close Enough Season 1: Cast

The voice-over actors list has officially been released. Close Enough Season 1 voice cast includes:

  • G. Quintel voices the character of Josh, the lead of the show.
  • Gabrielle Walsh voices the character of Emily, who is Josh’s wife.
  • Jessica DiCicco voices the character of Candice, the daughter of Josh and Emily.
  • Jason Mantzoukas Voices the character of Alex, he is Josh’s best friend.
  • Kimiko Glenn voices the character of Bridgette, she is the ex-wife of Alice
  • Danielle Brooks voices the character of Pearle.
  • James Adomian voices the character of Randy.

Close Enough Season 1: Plot

Close Enough has been confirmed to include the lives of a millennial couple, who adjust to life while transitioning from their 20s to their 30s. In the series, they will also be shown struggling with their 5- year old daughter and their roommates.

The couple, Emily and Josh are said to be living in a duplex in Los Angles. They share this Duplex, with their divorced Friends, Bridgette and Alex.

The grown-up animated comedy includes all the elements of family life. They are going through the period of life, which is entangled with growing up but has yet not caught up with growing old. The couple is likely to struggle through parenthood, friendship, and even decision making in life!

Close Enough Season 1: Storyline and Trailer

The premise of the show is of an unreal animated comedy about a couple and their five-year-old daughter. Along with them are their two divorced best friends/roommates. All of them are set to be living together in a duplex in Los Angeles.

The characters are exploring their lives when all of it is a ruckus. The series shows the couple balancing through work, kids, and pursuing their dreams with frequent striper comedian, household turmoil and chaos of youthful family life. According to some, Close Enough is compared to the famous show, F.r.i.e.n.d.s, but animated.

The teaser trailer has been released check it out below:

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