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“The Order Season 3”: Will “Alyssa” return in the supernatural fantasy series? Read to know more

Along with providing entertainment, tv-series also act as mediums of escapism for many. And in times as difficult as this, The Order, the supernatural horror drama series, is just the thing to watch. Created by Dennis Heaton for Netflix, the show debuted on 7th March 2019. Due to its immense success, the series was renewed for a second season the same month. Till now, two seasons of the series have released. And the most recent season premiered on 18th June 2020. In total, the series contains 20 episodes.

The Order received good reviews upon release. Furthermore, the series was praised for taking the old magical and fantastical lore and improving upon them. It soon became a hit among both fans and critics.

The Order Season 3: Release date

After the release of the second season last month, fans have been demanding a season renewal for the fantasy series. Though, an official word on season renewal isn’t available yet. Still, this is not necessarily bad news for the viewers, considering the recent release date of season 2. Moreover, keeping the success of the series in mind, a season renewal is only a matter of time. For now, we assume that the third season will be announced sometime this year. In addition, the new season might release in late 2021 or early 2022.

The Order Season 3: Possible cast

Since the series hasn’t received a renewal yet, we’d have to wait for a confirmed cast list. But we believe that many characters from the previous season would be returning. Series protagonist Jack Morton (played by Jake Manley) will surely be reprising his role in the upcoming season. In addition, he will most probably be joined by:

  • Katherine Isabelle as Vera Stone
  • Anesha Bailey as Nicole Birch
  • Devery Jacobs as Lilith Bathory
  • Thomas Elms as Hamish Duke
  • Adam DiMarco as Randall Carpio… among others

However, whether Sarah Grey (portraying Alyssa Drake) would return after the events of season 2 remains to be seen.

The Order Season 3: Expected plot

Currently, we don’t exactly know the plot of the next season. Though we presume that season 3 would pick up from the plot threads of the previous season. The third season will certainly answer the question surrounding Alyssa’s future after the events that transpired in season 2. Other questions such as Lilith’s transition to becoming a demon, Vera’s de-powered condition are also expected to be answered. Showrunner Dennis Heaton also suggested that a day of reckoning might come for the characters in The Order Season 3.

The Order Season 3: Storyline

The supernatural series is set in a world where magic and fantastical creatures exist. And it follows Jack Morton, a college student who joins a secret society that practices magic. Slowly, Jack learns about dark secrets and age-old mysteries, as he gets embroiled in a war between werewolves and dark magicians.

The Order Season 3: Trailer

The series hasn’t even begun production yet. Thus we don’t know when a trailer will be revealed. But, we expect it to drop early next year. Stay tuned for more news on this matter.


Fans might have to wait for quite a while to see their favourite characters back on screen. Until then, if you found this article informative, follow up on my The Russian Doll article.