“The Society Season 2”: “Cambell” found out that “Elle” tried to kill him! Let the chaos begin!

The society, the YA web series was the talk of the town back in May 2019, when it first premiered. Fans of the show are still talking about. The series created by Christopher Keyser was considered as a modern take of ‘Lord of the flies’.

Netflix’s The Society had left its viewers hanging in season one, leaving the displaced kids in dangerous positions. The last scene teased on darker truths for season 2. The ending had underlined the show’s exploration of the differences between dystopian and utopian societies. Allie pressman and Will LeClair were arrested, and tables were turned. Viewers were on the edges of their seats, as to what was next.

The Society Season 2: Release Date

Netflix had officially announced the show’s renewal back in July 2019. But fans were eagerly waiting for the announcement of its official release date.

The production of the show had started in 2019. But due to the recent ongoing pandemic, it resulted in its delay. Around April it was reported, that The Society season 2 may be expected later in 2021. Which is sad news because most of us are at home, and in dire need of another season to binge-watch.

The official announcement for the renewal of season 2, was done on The Society’s Instagram page:

The Society Season 2: Cast

It is assumed that most of the cast will reprise their roles from season 1. The season 1 cast of The society includes:

  • Kathryn Newton plays the character of Allie Pressman, the main protagonist of the show.
  • Jacques Colimon plays Will LeClair
  • Toby Wallace plays the character of Campbell
  • Gideon Adlon plays Becca
  • Sean Berdy plays Sam
  • Alex Fitzalan plays Harry
  • Kristine Froseth plays Kelly

Two people who we are assuming will not be returning for the next season are Cassandra and Dewey. Cassandra, Allie’s older sister who was shot dead. Dewey played by Seth Meriwether, was executed by shooting after he was found guilty of murdering Cassandra. But we can bet, anything is possible in an alternate universe.

The Society Season 2: Plot

In season 2, we can expect that the group of teenagers will explore the possibilities of an alternate universe. The expedition led by Grizz coming to an end, them finding land for farming, and fishes, gave them hope that they won’t die of starvation.

If it were up to Campbell, the situation in West Ham is expected to turn uglier. Now that Cambell has found out that Elle tried to kill him, things for Elle may turn worse. Elle had added poison in the pumpkin pie meant for Campbell. She had believed the only way to escape from his grasp was to kill him. In the next season, Campbell may likely turn all the more violent.

Society Series Storyline

In the first season, through Gordie and Bean’s research, we found out that the reality they were living in wasn’t their own. It was a parallel universe. In the end, they were still very much trapped there and had yet to figure out how to get home. In the series finale, Allie and Will were ousted by the trio, Harry, Lexi, and Campbell.

The viewers in the last scene were taken back to the original West Ham. Where a plaque on the wall read ‘We remember them’, and all of the names of the missing teenagers were inscribed upon it. But it was kept a mystery if the parents realized what happened to their children or were it simply accepted that they did not return and were assumed dead.

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