“Transformer 7: Rise of Unicorn”: This unicorn character isnt the one from the storytale! Click to know!

An American Science fiction Action film based on the 1980 film which has six series until today and a spin-off film Bumblebee, was distributed by Dream Work picture and Paramount Picture. Although it got a negative comment from the critic, it was loved by so many fans.

The Transformers greatly influence the term popcorn entertainment. It is amazing in indulging oneself in a CGI explosion, loud action, and switching your brain deeply in the movie is the Transformer. The Youths became its fan when it was first released for its sensational action-packed series in the Robot Armies fighting with each other. It has grossed globally over 4.8 billion dollars it was greatly viewed for its different concept themes in the movie. There are updates for the Transformer 7 movie, read to know more.

“Transformer 7”: Release Date

The Transformer movie is dropping out from its release date no plans were made, gossips about the Transformer 7 movie is all over the place about the cancellation of release and the movie is in shadow, it is very tricky to throw the casts to be starred. Prominent voice casts will reenter the series but the series story does not coincide with the previous movie like Age of Extinction, we can’t decide on the cast.

“Transformer 7”: Cast

The sequels of Transformers Knight was removed from Paramount photos movie slate. It was about to release on June 28, 2019, but the project was dropped from the rescheduled year, it will take some time to come into full production so it was postponed. The Best choice for the expectation of the series to be premiered will be 2020 or early 2021, also releasing will be regarding the release date of Bumblebee 2.

“Transformer 7”: Plot

The Unicorns center stage in the next one, with the concept Rise of Unicorn, Quintessa’s deception contributes to the exposure of Unicorn – the whose horns came in the Knight from Earth. Quintessa and Unicorn’s motive will clash each other as earth undergo a gigantic battle between two Titans, Caveat lies elsewhere. There will be also Beast Wars in the movie which will concentrate on the planet Cybertron, there will be a direct follow up of Knight.

“Transformer 7”: Storyline

The story starts with the Autobots and Deceptions a race in the robots who are crashing on the earth from the outer world, they started to war for Allspark, the superpower source which location was held in the hands of Sam.

In the Transformer The Last Knight Quintessa brainwashes Optimus Prime to search for an ancient staff they head back to the Earth for that antique that has earth energy to restore cyber stone. Cade, Bumblebee, and Autobots are also invading for that against the time to hold of it, they also have to escape from anti-transformers.

“Transformer 7”: Awards

This movie series has won so many awards so far like Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films in Saturn Award for Best Special Effect, ACCA Award for Best Visual Effects, COLA Winner for the Production Company, Golden Schmoes winner for Best Science Fiction Movie, Best T&A of the Year, Best Action Sequences, etc and also nominated in different categories. follow up on my next article “Knight Fall Season 3” very detailed.

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