“Dark Season 3”: Netflix’s binge-worthy show is finally out now! Click to know plot, cast and more!

“Dark” is a first German TV series on Netflix. Barn Bo Odar and Janie Friese are the creators of the series. The series made its debut on Netflix on December 1, 2017. The first season of the series was a hit, and it received positive reviews and love from the fans. The second season of the series debuted on June 21, 2019. The third season for which we were waiting so eagerly is out now on  Netflix. It came out on June 27, 2020.

This series just keeps better and mysterious with each season. Here is all the information about the third season of the show and why you should watch it!

Release Date: “Dark Season 3”

It is already out now guys! It released on June 27, 2020, on Netflix. If you still haven’t started watching then I suggest you should start streaming it now. The series is just getting better and now it has finally taken the world by a storm!!

Cast: “Dark Season 3”

The cast in the third season of the Dark are –

  • Karoline Eichhorn is playing the role of Charlotte Doppler
  • Louis Hofmann is playing the role of Jonas Kahnwald
  • Jordis Triebel is playing the role of Katharina Nielsen
  • Maja Schöne is playing the role of  Hannah Kahnwald
  • Oliver Masucci is playing the role of Ulrich Nielsen
  • Paul Lux is playing the role of Bartosz Tiedemann
  • Lisa Vicari is playing the role of Martha Nielsen

Plot: “Dark Season 3”

“Season 3” is the final season of the show. This season will clear and solve all the mystery and weird events that happened in the first two seasons. This season has a powerful plot that may be hard to follow but trust me it’s worth your time.

The show will reveal that by setting an apocalypse, Jonas tries to undo the time-traveling which makes him the villain of the series. This season will reveal how Jonas arrived at the current dimension and how he became so stone-hearted that he killed his love, Martha. It will also reveal whether Jonas is in this dimension or the other.

Right now on Netflix “Dark” is the hottest series. If you haven’t watched it yet then you surely are missing something unique and great.

Storyline: “Dark Season”

Until now we saw in “Dark” the stories of four families who are stuck in an evil time loop, complicated family relations, and the past that they can’t change.

The first season starts with Jonas returning from a mental health hospital after his father’s suicide. When he returns he finds out everything is changed nothing is as he left them. The events start with the mysterious disappearance of his friend and the principal and detective kid Mikkel. In the second season, Adam lied to the Younger Jonas and tells him there’s a gap that will stop the time cycles. When he goes back to the day when his father committed suicide. He realizes that Mikkel made that choice only after Jonas disappears.

The two seasons of the series have kept us interesting and on the edge as it kept revealing more and more mysteries. at one point it makes your brain cells do overwork in a good way. It showed us the mysteries of a parallel dimension making us wonder about the series most of the time.

Trailer: “Dark Season 3”

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