“Santa Clarita Diet Season 4”: Will “Joel” returns as a Zombie? Click to know Plot, Cast, Release date and more!

An American Horror series with comedy mixed thrill streaming Santa Clarita Diet is a Web Television drama created by Victor Fresco this series has been premiering on Netflix Network for the worldwide.

It centers on a family of Hammond Household comprising daughter Abby, Joe, Sheila. This family appears to have a concealed reality, this story seems to be terror but it is filled with comedy, satire, and a lot of humor in it, This is a great entertainment series with a little bit of horror.

There are three seasons until now with thirty episodes of running time twenty-six minutes premiered on Netflix. Season 4 will come back with more thrilling horror-comedy with new sequences. Keep on reading to know more details

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4:

The first season was released on February 2017, as the second episodes released on March 2018, the third season released on the previous year March 29, 2019, Season 4 was renewed for next season but it was canceled on April 26, 2019, still, it was in shadow no updates from the team since the season 3 was not the end of the season we can expect for the sequel, we can expect it to be released in 2021 as it has so many fan followers.

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4:

Casts starring in the upcoming series will be the major characters returning, Drew Barrymore plays the role, Sheila, Timothy Olyphant as Joel, Liv Hewson as Abby, Skyler Cisondo as the character Eric, Mary Elizabeth Elis act the role Lisa, Natalie Morales play the character Annie, Jonathan Slavin as Ron character and new more casts will join in the upcoming season with a new flourishing plot.

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4:

In season four we can see Joels travel of myths can be seen also it will be possible after Sheila bites Joel and he also turned into one of the Zombie-like Sheila, As Ron has left Hammonds, we could witness his birth, he might become part of Shelia’s Zombie protecting team.

And a Gang in their new cult uniforms form to save the world for sheila were we can expect more things to turn up in the story, also we can expect more thrillers in this series with unexpected mysteries to lead the season 4.

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4:

This story is about the two couples Joel and Sheila who works as a real estate agent in Santa Clarita, they face a problem when Sheila cliche into some issue a metamorphosis who becomes undead a zombie which she starts to eat human flesh and crave for it. Her family tries to help her through the problem which they have to deal with cultural values and mythological mysteries behind it.

In the last season, sheila bites Joel in order to save his life, a mid-credit scene reveals Tommy, Jean, Ron the show faceoff ends.

“Santa Clarita Diet” Season 4: Award and Reviews

It has been nominated for many awards in many categories like Favorite Comedy TV Star, WGA Award for Episodic Comedy. This series has attracted many viewers for its mixed humor and horror as it was thrilling in the middle the series blew out a lot of comedy scenes. click to follow up on my articles “Tin Star” Season 3, “Transformer 7: Rise of Unicorn”


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