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Is Escape from Tarkov free? Check out all the editions! How to download Escape from Tarkov? All details are here!

Escape from Tarkov can be easily hailed as one of the most anticipated games in the near future. Many of us know that the closed beta version of the game was released at the end of July 2017, and its full release has not yet been confirmed by Battlestate Games. Developers are hell-bent on including many features like Streets, Molle System, Storyline Quests, and so much more, and that’s why they are not ready for the full release of the game without these features. It means that right now, it is still in its beta stage. Closed alpha came out in August 2016.

But the question we must ask ourselves about the game is, “Is Escape from Tarkov free-to-play?”

We know that Escape from Tarkov is still in its beta phase, and many prominent gamers are enjoying its free-to-play version. So, what about others? Will Escape from Tarkov be available for free, or will it be discharged as a free-to-play game?

Is Escape from Tarkov free?

We are really sorry to break your hearts, but the answer is no! Escape from Tarkov will not be released as a free-to-play game. Battlestate Games has not officially released any statement regarding the free release of the game. So, if you are planning to get your hands on it then, you have to pay for it.

Escape from Tarkov Editions: Bonus equipment, costs, and other features.

STANDARD Edition – $44.99

This edition gives you instant access to the closed beta version. Furthermore, it also gives you a pre-load for the digital copy with basic stash and a variety of bonus equipment like:

  • knife (ER Bayonet)
  • tactical rig x2 (depends on selected faction)
  • backpack x2 (MBSS – 4×4 cells)
  • Secure container (2×2)
  • Grach or P226 pistol x3 (depends on selected faction)
  • pistol magazines x9
  • pistol ammo x180
  • Makarov Pistol x3
  • pistol magazines x9
  • pistol ammo x150
  • canned meat x4
  • bottled water x3
  • AI-2 medkit x6
  • bandages x6
  • splint x6
  • 300k roubles
  • AKS74U + 2 loaded magazines

LEFT BEHIND Edition – $74.99

Consider it as a bigger version of the STANDARD edition. All the bonus equipment mentioned above will be given to you but in a much bigger supply. Additional items include:

  • AKS74U+2 loaded magazines
  • АК74N+2 loaded magazines
  • Salewa first aid kit
  • RGD-5 grenade
  • additional backpack (MBSS – 4×4 slots)

PREPARE FOR ESCAPE Edition – $99.99

This edition is a combo of STANDARD and LEFT BEHIND editions. It is much bigger when it comes to bonus supplies. All the bonus equipment from both the previous editions have been encompassed in PREPARE FOR ESCAPE. Additional items include:

  • SMG Vityaz or HK MP5 + 2 loaded magazines (depending on selected faction)
  • 1000 dollars
  • Kiver helmet
  • Piled reflex sight
  • IFAK first aid kit
  • АК74 M1-B Ultimak handguard

EDGE OF DARKNESS Edition – $139.99

It is the biggest and the best edition of Escape from Tarkov. It’s like all the other editions have been combined with it. The supplies are highest here. Plus, it also delivers you an in-game ID and free access to all DLCs. Additional items include:

  • Grizzly first aid kit
  • Alfa tactical rig
  • morphine injector х2
  • SV98 sniper rifle + 1 loaded magazine
  • Silencerco Hybrid 46 silencer
  • Silencerco Hybrid 46 silencer adaptor
  • pistol case (3×3)
  • 6B43 6А body armor
  • MPX submachine gun + 2 loaded magazines
  • M4 LVOA-S handguard

We know that the cost of each edition looks a little high, especially when the game is still in its beta stage. But you don’t have any other option. You can pre-order it from the official Escape from the Tarkov website. The website will ask for your registration, and then you will be able to create your account on it.

Escape from Tarkov pre-order page

How to download Escape from Tarkov?

If you are looking to download Escape from Tarkov from gaming platforms like Steam, Epic Games Store, and many more, then you will definitely waste your precious time there. Escape from Tarkov is available only on the game’s official website. In addition, you must have the Battlestate Games launcher on your PC. But there is a slight twist. You can’t download the launcher before buying the game. Once you download Escape from Tarkov from the official website, then you will be able to use the launcher.

Check out the following steps to download Escape from Tarkov:

1. First of all, you have to visit Escape from Tarkov’s official website, and there you will find a pre-order icon. Click on it. Escape from Tarkov official page

2. The pre-order page will bestow you four different editions of the game. Choose your desired edition.

3. You have to create an account on the website to purchase the game.

4. Now, login to your account. Escape from Tarkov login page

5. Install the Battlestate Games Launcher and download the game.


The question “Is Escape from Tarkov free?” rose on many gaming platforms like Twitch, Mixer, etc. But we have already informed you that it’s not possible. You have to spend your money to enjoy it. We also know that the downloading process of the game is a bit tricky but not hard. Nonetheless, Escape from Tarkov has received positive reviews from many major beta testers, and players can’t wait to buy it in the future.

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