“Big Little Lies Season 3”: Will “Bonnie” and the “Monetary Five” confess the “Truth”! Click to Know!

To Satisfy your Crime series fever Big Little Lies is the best drama with mystery, thriller, crime, secrets, abuse, love, family, law, with all these, it satisfies us more with interesting sequences.

Big Little Lies is an American series released in HBO Network as a Web Television Drama adapted from a novel written by liane Moriarty, and created this novel into a television series by David E Kelley, directed by Andrea Arnold.

It tells the story of five women who are tied up in a murder case, they meet up when their children studied in the first fifth grade where all these Monetary five is circled around a lot of secrets, pain, crime, friendship, and love.

There are two seasons with fourteen episodes running time of forty to fifty- eight minutes released in HBO Network.  Season 3 the prequel is soon going to be released. Read to know more updates of this season.

 “Big Little Lies” Season 3: Release Date

Season 3 was not yet renewed for the filming, also the team has not yet said about another season still it was in a shadow with no updates as the second season was a sudden release because of season one’s popularity we can expect season 3 to be filmed and released around the year 2022 because the actors were engaged in other series for next year.

“Big Little Lies” Season 3: Cast

Cast and the characters in season 3 will be Zoe Kravitz act as Bonnie Carlson, Reese Witherspoon play as Madeline, Nicole Kidman play the role, Celeste Wright, Shailene as the character Jane, Alexander Skarsgard acts as Perry, Adam Scott as the actor Ed Mackenzie, Meryl Streep as Perry’s mother Mary Lousie, Jeffrey play as Gordon, Kathryn as the character Abigail, etc, will return to the upcoming season with new characters stepping in the series for a more thrilling adventure.

“Big Little Lies” Season 3: Plot

In season 3 we will see the plot about if the Monetary five is going to be separated if it is how their departure is going to be, and the mystery, secrets beyond the characters will be released in next season with more interesting thrillers of their adventures.

“Big Little Lies” Season 3: Storyline

Big Little Lies is a story about a crime murder takes place in a public school, no victims or murder is shown in the series, it involves five women with different background, stories, passion, etc, and the thrills they go when they were tied up in this murder.

Season 2 ends with Mary Lousie in full custody in jail by Celeste, Bonnie tells her mother she loves her not Nathan, Jane & Corey improves their relation, Ed & Madeline remembers their pledge,  at last Bonnie, goes to confess rest follows her.

“Big Little Lies” Season 3: Awards

This series is the winner of Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actress, Best Supporting Role Actress award, Best Television Series Award, Best Performance by an Actor, PrimeTime Emmy Winner for Best Actress, Best Actor, the Best Television Series, and five more awards, also it was nominated many times for different categories. follow with my other article “Better Call Saul Season 6”

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