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“GTA 6”: Is this going to be a female-generic game? Click to know about the release date, gameplay, and more!

GTA is one of the most popular games among both kids and adults which stands for Grand Auto Theft. This is due to the fact that the consistent updates by the creator of this Game “Rockstar” keep us glued to the game.  

Even after 2 decades to the GTA franchise, it still remains to be one of the anticipated games in the history of gaming as it provides gamers with some of the most interesting virtual cities and locations.

Due to the constant updates and popularity, gamers are desperate to know about GTA 6 which is likely to release in a year or so, and this time with new and twisted updates as well. 

Release date of GTA 6

GTA 5 was released seven years ago which has been quite a long wait but Rockstar games release Red Dead redemption 2 in 2018 which was quite a fair deal. Also, there were no entries from Rockstar games in the summer games fest which makes it quite obvious that the game is not going to release this year. However, they did announce the new version of GTA 5 in PS 5 to be launched in 2021 which again cancels the release of GTA 6 in the same year. So, it is expected to be released in late 2022 or early 2023. Also, GTA 6 will likely be launched on PS5 and XBOX series X.

The Gameplay of GTA 6

According to an insider, it was revealed that the story of GTA 6 was finished before the departure of Don Houser so it will have the same vibes as previous parts. It is also said that GTA 6 will be set in the n 1970s or 1980s which may or may not have a drug smuggling storyline. The game is also going to have a female protagonist which means that the game would be Female generic this time. Also, GTA 6 is set to be in different areas and can expect dynamic building change. This time the map of GTA 6 is bigger and can expect many new cities as well both inside and outside America. There is going to be a goliath jail game as well. Another twisted update is the climate update i.e. tropical storms, floods, etc.

One thing to be noticed about the GTA is that the story they come up with has always been something unique, for eg; GTA 4 was a critique of capitalism, GTA 5 was all about light humor. However, Any detail regarding the story of GTA 6 has not been out yet.

The Trailer of GTA 6 

The main thing that has been noticed about Rockstar games is that they keep the information confidential and is known to be a secretive publisher. Also, there is no official announcement about the game to be released, so it is obvious that there is no trailer yet. 

If the trailer is going to release anytime, the internet is going to explode due to the fact that gamers are waiting desperately for this game, and also we too are going to update you regarding the trailer, so STAY TUNED.