“Stumptown Season 2”: Will “Tantoo Cardinal” return in the upcoming season? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

Based on a comic book series of the same name, Stumptown is a crime drama series. Jason Richman adapted the series for television. The series premiered on ABC in September 2019 and ran for 18 episodes in total. Stumptown concluded its first season on 25 March 2020. Though originally, the series was scheduled for 13 episodes. However, due to its success, ABC extended the first season for five more episodes.

Overall, the series received generally positive reviews from critics. Stumptown was praised for dealing with complex issues such as PTSD. Furthermore, Cobie Smulders’ portrayal of the detective, the story itself was also well received. It gained a cult following and became a hit among fans.

Stumptown Season 2: Release date

Towards the end of its run, the first season got a mixed reception. This caused fans to doubt whether the show would be renewed. But fans’ concerns proved untrue. As in May this year, ABC renewed the series for a second season. Though, when the series would release, we don’t know. Considering the current circumstances in the world, we assume fans will have to wait a while. Production on it hasn’t begun yet and probably won’t start until things get back to normal. So for now, we’re expecting a release date of sometime in late 2021.

Stumptown Season 2: Possible cast

Because the series was renewed very recently, the cast hasn’t been announced yet. Although we can say for certain that Kobie Smulders will return as Dex Parios, the series protagonist. Additionally, she will most probably be joined by:

  • Tantoo Cardinal as Sue Lynn Blackbird
  • Jake Johnson as Grey McConnell
  • Adrian Martinez as Tookie
  • Cole Sibus as Ansel Parios
  • Camryn Manheim as Lieutenant Cosgrove… and others. In essence, we expect most of the primary cast to reprise their roles.

Stumptown Season 2: Expected plot

Right now, we barely have any information on the plot of the upcoming season. But, we can say that season 2 will start right where the previous season left off. But it has been suggested that the events of season one finale will impact Dex in more ways than one. Furthermore, the arrival of Dex’s mother in the final episode will also have ramifications. Reports hint that season 2 will focus on their relationship. Additionally, we expect Dex to solve a new case in the new season as well.

Stumptown Season 2: Storyline

The show follows Dex Parios, a military veteran. She suffers from PTSD from her time in Afghanistan, and moreover, bears the guilt of her lover’s death. Due to financial struggles and debts, she decides to become a private investigator. She gets referred to cases which the Police can’t get involved in. She solves these cases with her wit and intellect. In the first season, she solves the mystery of her deceased lover’s murder.

Stumptown Season 2: Trailer

As mentioned before, the series hasn’t entered production yet. So a trailer is completely out of the cards for now. Though we presume a trailer will be released sometime next year.

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