“The Dragon Prince Season 4”: Is “Viren” alive? Click to know the release date, cast, plot and more!

Season 3 of The Dragon Prince left with a cliffhanger, and fans want to know if there is a fourth season waiting for them. You are in the right place, then! We will cover everything you need to know about The Dragon Prince Season 4 in this article. So, keep on reading.

The Dragon Prince is an American-Canadian anime TV series created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond for Netflix.

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date

The show premiered on Netflix on September 14, 2018, with the second season soon releasing on February 15, 2019. Fans did not have to wait very long for the third season that aired on November 22, 2019. Now, according to the pattern, we could expect the fourth season to release right about now. However, the current global situation does not allow for it.

We have a new for the fans, though. The fourth season may not have been announced yet, however, we know that The Dragon Prince’s voice cast and creators would be coming together for Comic-Con’s @ Home. The panel will announce all the updates about the beloved show during the virtual event. It is scheduled to take place this month between July 22 and July 26.

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Cast

The voice stars will possibly return for the fourth season.

Erik Todd Dellums, Jack Desena, Jason Simpson, Paula Burrows, Sasha Rojen, and Racquel Belmonte will voice the character of Aaravos, Callum, Viren, Rayla, Ezran, and Claudia respectively.

The Dragon Prince: Storyline

In a continent of Xadia, elves, dragons, and humans lived peacefully. However, it wasn’t long until humans began using dark magic, which eventually led to the continent is divided into two by a stretch of the river Sava.

Almost a thousand years later, Harrow, the human king, along with his advisor, the dark mage, Viren, killed the king of the dragons and destroyed his heir’s egg. Now, they want Harrow and his heir Ezran killed in retribution. However, it was soon discovered that the egg remained undestroyed, and Ezran, Callum, and Rayla, the assassin, proceed to return the egg to Nadia. But, Harrow is assassinated, and Viren is now in power. Viren seizes the egg that hatches into the Dragon Prince named Zym.

Viren faces imprisonment on charges of treason. On the other hand, Ezran returns to his native place to claim the throne of his father. However, he rejoins Callum and Rayla, so The Dragon Prince, Zym, could return to his home.

Now, Viren is restored to power, which then rallies the human army against Nadia. The elves defeat his army, and he is thrown from the summit of the Spire. But, his daughter, mage Claudia revives him with the help of dark magic.

What will follow after this episode? Will Viren stop abusing his power? Unfortunately, we don’t have enough information about the plot details of the fourth season.

The Dragon Prince Season 4: Plot

The fourth season will follow from where the last season left. We will probably see Viren emerge only to be defeated again by the dragon prince. Or will he emerge victorious this time? We will only know after we have watched it. Until then, keep guessing.

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