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“GTA-6”:Will the game be out this year? Click to know about the release date, Game play and more!

And yes gamers, you heard it right we are talking about GTA-6! There were rumours going on about the next game for the Grand Theft Auto series to be released. Now the speculations are high and with no official announcement made yet the gamers are waiting for the confirmation. But sources say there might be a release soon and the makers are working on it. It’s been seven years since the release of another GTA series. That’s another reason for the hype. With more advancements of the series, it will be an interesting play. Now let’s see some updates about the release and its features.

“GTA-6” Release date:

In a recent interview, Benzies informed that they are working on the new instalment of the series. It will be more advanced with high gaming level. So this instalment will be more adventurous than the other series. Though there is no official confirmation it is speculated the release will be at the end of the year. But due to the ongoing global pandemic, it might take a leap. So stay tuned for any further announcements. We will keep you updated with all the latest pieces of information.

“GTA-6” Features:

This series might be more advanced than the previous ones. The makers are planning to develop it with more live service options. It will be available in PS5 and Xbox series. It will be from Reddit. The main locations surrounding the adventures will be in vice city and Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian city. The Brazilian city will be an opening to most of the cases. And we could expect some linear missions in the liberal city. This will be more adventurous and tight headed. It will be a mix of both realism and arcade. It is expected this series will be developed in a way to be set in the 1970s-1980s. So it will be a classical ride. The vehicles and the soundtrack will also be set in the modern liberal era, a chance to revisit that classical exuberant period. So, guys, this will be more fun to play.

“GTA-6” Gameplay:

This instalment will feature Kacey as a part of the narrative and Ricardo, the rug dealer. The plot of the series will be revolving around the four main characters. Two policemen and two drug dealers. We will experience a lot of plot twists. Since it is set in the liberal period we will get to witness young Martin Madrazo and his father a drug lord. More smuggling and a lot of races will be there. A giant prison will be added. The weather might be set in hurricanes and floods. Topics on HIV and immigration will also take a lead. The characters will have their own weapons. The major travelling mode will be in horse saddle. The weapons will be allowed to be present in the trunk. You can even hide the weapons in your body, which will turn invisible. There will be a male protagonist, not a female protagonist.

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