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Are “Bella Hadid” and “The Weekend” back together or have the plug pulled off for good this time? Click to Find out!!!

Who does not know the, 2015 “Model of the Year” Isabella Hadid? The exceptionally stunning model is famous for her work in the fashion industry and so is her relationship with The Weekend. Abel Tesfaye aka The weekend is well known for his music and his on-and-off relationship with Bella. The relation of this star couple has gained a lot of attention over the years. But are they back again or have the plug pulled off for good this time?

The Beautiful and talented Model Bella has had her share of men from famous sportsperson to the big names of music and Bollywood. Like her sister, she has made her name in the Industry. Bella has also been linked to Odell Beckam Jr. and Drake. The weekend is also well known for his music, which considered both seductive and sad. Yet, their diversity of taste could not stop their hearts to beat for each other.

Bella and the Weekend RelationShip: A Timeline

2015: The couple was initially spotted together at Coachella that started the rumors of their relation. Soon after they were seen together spending time with Bella’s family. The same year in December Bella was seen in the music video of “The Weeknd – In the Night”. Click here to watch the song-

The release of the video was clouded by the reports of the couple splitting up. The reports came amidst the holiday season the very same year (2015).

2016: Things got interesting when the couple made their Red Carpet debut together for The Grammy Awards, in February. Hadid also shared a beautiful picture of their together, with a lovely caption. She later told the Glamour  “I’m dating Abel. I don’t see him as The Weeknd,” she explained. “I’m proud of The Weeknd and the music he makes, but I really love Abel.” clearly stating her love.

Throughput the year the couple was seen together on various events. They were also spending time with each other’s family and even went on a trip to Tokyo.

But in November, another crashing news of the couple’s breakup came. Yet, soon they were seen on the stage together for Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The show led to the speculations of them getting back. But their reconciliation was halted when the news of The Weeknd’s relation with Selena Gomez surfaced.

2017: Post the news of the relation of Selena and Abel in January, Some serious and silent Instagram War among the three was witnessed. After 10 months of Dating fans were left heartbroken by the news of Weekend-Gomez splitting up in October. A month later  They were spotted together at Bella’s NYC apartment. But the sources stated that they are not back together and are just good friends.

2018: The couples were believed to be officially back together and were seen kissing at  Coachella. But the model denied that It wasn’t her. The couple was speculated to be secretly dating. They were together many times. and when they not together, that couldn’t help but , mention each other at interviews.

2019: This year as also followed by the dramatics of the couple’s on-ff relation. Things even got pretty ugly between Bella and the Weekend’s Ex-Selena Gomez. There were various nasty things done by Bella in response to Selena. But Fans were delighted when it was stated that Selena and Hadid had sorted their issues.

Are the couple back together?

Well, there has been no green light for their relationship after their last breakup, so far. Yet, many of The Weekend’s songs like “Heartless”, “Blinding Lights”, “After Hours”, “Scared to Live”, “Save Your Tears”,  have caught the fan’s attention. These songs are believed to be dedicated to Bella. As of now, the Couple has not patched up. A source told Us Weekly in February “Bella isn’t dating anyone at the moment. She is so busy traveling and working nonstop and she’s mostly focused on her career right now. She still has feelings for The Weeknd and there’s always a possibility that they will get back together down the line, but for right now, she’s single.”.

The couple has yet haven’t got back together. Don’t worry the doors to this possibility have not closed off.

Stay connected. We will be bringing to you any update of their relation!