“Bosch Season 7”: “Harry Bosch” is back in the upcoming season? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

Bosch is an American crime thriller series that first made its debut in February 2014. The series currently is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Subsequently, it has been produced by Amazon studios as well.

Season 1 of the series is said to be inspired by novels of Michael Connelly. The novels include City of Bones and Echo Park. The book, The Concrete Blond is also followed in season one. In addition to this, the other subsequent seasons are also inspired by other novels of Michael Connelly.  Season 2 follows the Last Coyote and Trunk Music. The Black Echo, A Darkness More Than Night and The Drop is the inspiration for the season 3. And Season 4 follows Angel’s flight. Season 5 follows Two Kinds of Truth. While Season 6 is said to have followed The Overlook and Dark Sacred Night.

Fans are now excited for season 7, which is also said to be the last and final season of the series. The latest season of the series premiered April 16, 2020.


Bosch Season 7: Release Date

Bosch was officially renewed for season 7 on February 13, 2020, by Amazon Studios. This happened even before the premiere of the sixth season of the series.

The announcement for season 7 may be a piece of delightful news for fans, but the sad news is that season 7 is said to be the final season of the show. The audience is all set to say goodbye to this crime thriller series.

Reports are, that season 7 is in its writing stage. Not much can be said about the production of the series. Furthermore, it can be delayed due to ongoing pandemic. The release date has not been officially announced either. We can expect season 7, no later than 2021.


Bosch Season 7: Cast

No confirmed cast for season 7 has yet been released. But we’re hoping the main cast to reprise their roles in season 7. The cast from previous seasons include:

  • Titus Welliver plays the character “Harry” Bosch, he is from the police department of Los Angeles, he is a detective
  • Jamie Hector plays the character of Jerry Edgar, he is a detective and also Bosch’s partner
  • Amy Aquino place the character of Grace Billets, she is Lieutenant
  • Lance Reddick plays the character of Irvin Irving, he is the chief of police
  • Annie Wersching plays the character of Julia Brasher, she is a police officer
  • Madison Lintz plays the character of Maddie Bosch, she is Harry’s Daughter


Bosch Season 7: Plot

The plot for season 7 is said to be inspired by the novels, The Concrete Blonde and The Burning Room. Nothing more has been revealed as the scripts for season 7, are still in their writing stage.

We might see Harry Bosch and his partner Jerry Edgar moving forward with separate investigations. Both perilous murders. Through this, we might see more of white-collar crimes, throughout the season.

According to various sources, the writers of the show, are heading towards the ending. So in season 7, we might see an ending of different storylines. The season is said to consist of 8 episodes.


Bosch Season 7: Storyline

The premise of Bosch revolves around a Los Angeles detective, from the police department as he solves crimes. Harry Bosch is the main protagonist of the series. He is a homicide detective, investigating through crimes. As the seasons follow, we see different investigative crimes and cases come up.

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