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Tati Westbrook Video Controversy: What did “James Charles”, “Jefrree Star”, and “Shane Dawson” comment on it?

This is the second time that Tati Westbrook came up with a video of more than 40 minutes. Although the eyes are solely on Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star, the root of the drama is James Charles. James Charles has opened his mouth for the first time.

The previous week, Tati Westbrook claimed that “the brain” behind her “Bye Sister” video is Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star. In that video, she accused James of everything, including breaching of trust and assault. After the controversy, YouTube pulled down the video several months ago. But, it is back in the limelight again because Tati Westbrook made a new video filled with facts.

Controversy Tati Westbrook Video:

In Tati’s second video, she mentioned that James Charles gave her a proposal to make the video with her. Therefore, we assume that James Charles is on Tati’s side in “Karmageddon” (a reference to Carmageddon 3). It is quite surprising because Carmageddon 2 highlighted the conflict between James and Tati.

But in Tati’s latest video, Tati hinted that everything she stated about James is not fact-checked. However, she claims that Shane Dowson and Jeffree Star whispered those into her ear. If that’s true, James hasn’t justified it, but he sent a cryptic message.

James Charles’s Side of Story:

Throughout the drama, James Charles remained unbothered and silent on social media about the on-going blame game. Avoiding the controversy, he peacefully posted selfies, videos, and tweets about his day-to-day life, instead. Ignoring the drama was right because he disproved all the allegations against him in a video in 2019.

A Paparazzo spotted James when he went out to get food. The 21-year-old YouTuber opened his mouth. For most 2/3 of questions, he replied with a “no comment” statement. However, he revealed many things. Somebody asked, “Should people be canceled?”  In reply to the question, he answered, “This kind of case needs consideration. We have to wait and watch if people change.” He added if there’s someone who hasn’t changed over the years, that is Shane Dawson.

James shared he first came under confrontation for his racist and sexist comments from the past. But now the drama is surrounding James, and it hangs over his head. Meanwhile, it becomes evident that he hasn’t spoken to Shane since the past year.

Jeffree Star Excludes Himself from the Drama:

We have already heard both versions of stories from James Charles and Shane Dawson, who want to end the drama. But, we still await Jeffree Star’s reaction to this. Jeffree has been remarkably quiet since Tati dropped her latest video. Usually, Jeffree likes to blow up the drama, but he’s been silent.

The beauty featuring YouTuber hasn’t posted anything on Twitter or Instagram for the past two weeks. Moreover, he has kept disabled his comments on Instagram so that none can comment on his photos. He has been receiving reactions on this on-going controversy.

Unbelievably, his YouTube channel is very quiet. It is yet not clear if Jeffree is planning to come up with a video just like James. Is he simply avoiding the circumstances? Uncertainty remains until he speaks up.

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