“Doctor Who Season 13”: Back with “Jodie Whittaker” as the female doctor? Click to know Release Date, Cats, Plot and much more!

“Doctor Who” is a sci-fi TV show. BBC is the producer of the show. The show revolves around time lord aka The Doctor, who explores the universe through time traveling ship called Tardis. The show ran for twenty-six years since 1963. Instead of renewing the show, it continued the original run of the 2005 “Tenth Doctor.” Until now thirteen doctors have appeared in the show. The fans are excited as the recent doctor is the first female incarnation of the doctor. The final episode of the show aired on March 1, 2020.

Fans are excited for the show to air once again. So here is all the information you need to know.

Release date: “Doctor Who Season 13”

There is no announcement of the release date of this season. However, we are expecting it to release next year. The manager of the series Chris Chibnall said “It is going to be next year unless my vacation goes for a very long time, and it is always tempting” in an interview with EW. Considering the airing time of the previous season, we might see the new season on the 1 January. However, nothing has been officially announced yet.

There is no news about the show’s production getting affected by COVID-19. So, no worries guys! Also, there is a festive episode coming in December this year named “Revolution of Daleks.”

Cast: “Doctor Who Season 13”

We don’t have much information about the cast members who’ll return in this season. It’s too early to predict the cast. Here are some of the casts who might return, which includes –

  • Jodie Whittaker playing  The Doctor
  • Sacha Dhawan playing The Master
  • Bradley Walsh playing Graham
  • Mandeep Gill playing  Yaz
  • Tosin Cole playing Ryan

Plot: “Doctor Who Season 13”

The plot is unknown however we are expecting that the story will explore the timeless children or the lone cyberman. We might get to know the doctor’s origin. Most of the time of the season might be spent on the nature of the division organization. The new season will be a big hit and much interesting than previous seasons according to the showrunner.

Storyline: “Doctor Who”

The story of “Doctor Who” is about the adventure of the “Time Lord.”  They go by the name “The Doctor” and are of unknown origin. They are centuries old and can change their appearance and personality. They travel with a time machine called Tardis. It is equipped with a “chameleon circuit” which helps the machine to disguise itself as any local object.

The doctor travels across time and space. They rarely travel alone and bring a team of humans to share their adventures with them. It also leads the doctor to team up with the international military task force unit to save innocent people when the earth is in danger. They protect innocent people from evil forces and stop them from changing history. During the time traveling the doctor has made many enemies including the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Master.

Trailer: “Doctor Who Season 13”

As of now, the show is still in the pre-production phase. Hence there is no trailer available for the season.

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