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“Haikyuu Season 4”:Does “Hinata”reveal more skills?How is “Karasuno” vs “Inarizaki” going to end?Click here to know more about the updates.

Any sports anime or entertainment is a pretty fascinating and compelling watch. And a fan would definitely love Haikyuu!!, a high school and volleyball centered anime television series which first aired in 2014 and served as an inspiration to many. It is adapted from the Japanese shonen manga series both created and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. Haikyuu is just as entertaining and engaging as any other manga series and at the same time inspiring and motivating. As of now, fans are eagerly waiting for part 2 of the fourth season or %th season according to Netflix.


Release Date: “Haikyuu! Season 4 “

Part 2 of season 4 was scheduled to release in July this year after the 1st part release in January of 2020. It was in no way delayed, actually, the showrunners decided the Season 4 to be divided into 2 cores as animation and production take up too much time. The first core having 13 episodes was released leaving the fans for the next part which is supposed to contain 14 episodes . But unfortunately, the world was hit with coronavirus and everything went on a pause and the show got postponed. The last episode ended just when things started getting interesting and Hinata jumped really high and had everyone surprised as to how much he has got better. After the delay, the official announcement regarding the next time for the release of part 2 has been disclosed. Official twitter account of Haikyuu tweeted the delay is done keeping in mind the safety of the whole team.

Storyline: “Haikyuu! Season 4 “

Many a great shonen manga is based on great shonen competition when two talented characters strive to push their limits and to surpass their rival’s limits. and Haikyuu starts off with one such rivalry. In this story, on one end of the rivalry is the protagonist Shoyo Hinata, a high school student who becomes interested and eventually obsessed with volleyball after watching a game on the television. Hinata has a short stature but still doesn’t give up and gets inspired by a player nicknamed ‘The Little Giant’ a skilled wing spiker who got the name because of his short height. Hinata and some of his friends join the volleyball club of school and compete in their first tournament and are defeated at the hands of a team having Tobio Kageyama also better known as the prodigy setter. Hinata and Kageyama spark a rivalry and Hinata swear to defeat Kageyama one day. Both of them get accepted to Karasuna High school, both of them have no idea about the other. The two end up in the same team and develop a tactic resulting in their formidable partnership of spiker-setter.

Plot: “Haikyuu! Season 4”

Haikyuu Season 4’s 1st part ended with a cliffhanger and left the fans on edge with suspense. The highly anticipated 2nd part of Haikyuu will pick where it was left off which was the second day of the match of Tokyo Tournament Arc. We also get to see Tanaka’s backstory and Hinata starting to get recognized by the opponent team, who are surely giving the Karasuno team a hard time. We can expect the $th season to end with only showing the 1st half of the tournament and follow up to the 2nd half in a whole new season. But for now, we should be concerned with the 2nd part of the 4th season and see what it has in store for us.