Is “Ayesha Curry” Dating Someone?: Click to know more about her partner and all the other gossips you need to know!

“Ayesha Disa Curry” is a Canadian-American actress, celebrity cook, cookbook author. She made her debut in a television cook show. Though she is not a professional cook, she was very successful in the cookery field due to her culinary talents. She made her debut as a writer with her first cookery book “The Seasoned Life” which was published in 2016.

She also started a youtube channel “Little Lights Of Mine” for cooking tips. It made her get a lot of fan following for her cooking skills. She made her first post in her youtube channel which turned out to be a huge hit and the audience were showed so much of love towards her page.

Life: “Ayesha Curry”

“Ayesha Curry” made her debut in the Television in the year 2008, in the series “Dan’s Detour of Life” as  Cassie Stevens. Then followed by her debut there were so many roles coming towards her. She was on “10 items or less” series as Girl in Bathroom in the episode “Forever Young”, in “Whittaker Bay” as Keeley Hawkins, in the film “Love for sale” as girl #1, in “Hannah Montana” as Andrea in the episode “Come Fail Away”, in “Good Luck of charlie” as Beautiful girl, in “The Little Ghost” as Marie.

She was very successful in all the fields she stepped into and had a huge fan base for her talents. There were a lot of followers for her acting and cooking skills.


Lovelife: “Ayesha Curry and Stephan Curry”

“Ayesha Curry” was in a relationship with NBA player Stephan Curry. They know each other since childhood since both belong to the same catholic church. But it was not then they dated each other. They both attended an award function, they met each other and started dating each other from then. They were dating each other since 2008 and happily married on July 11, 2011.

They got happily married and they were blessed with 2 baby girls and 1 baby boy. She always supports her husband in every possible way and stood by him in all his success and failure. They were a cute and trending couple among the audience and their fans enjoyed watching them together. There were no disputes among them and they lead a happy life.



She was very active in her Youtube channel in recent times during this COVID-19 pandemic and grabbed the attention of so many people with her cooking tips and her drastic weight loss.  She uploaded lots of videos on her Youtube channel and happy family pics on her Instagram wall. She also inspired so many women by her drastic weight loss during this quarantine and stood as an example for all women out there.


“Is Ayesha Curry in a new relationship?”



There is no latest official news about her new relationship. She is leading a happy life with her husband Stephan Curry and enjoying her life with her family during this COVID-19 pandemic. There is no dispute between these happy couples till now. If she is really into a new relationship, we should eventually wait for the official news from her. Since no celebrity would open up about their personal life on a public platform. Let’s wait for her updates. But till now there is no such news from her and she is happy with her partner.

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