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“Log Horizon Season 3”: What new adventures awaits “Shiroe” and his Friends? Click here to know the Release date, Cast, Plot and more!

How long can we wait for an anime? Six years? Yes, the long six years anime lovers have waited for Log Horizon Season 3. But the anime deserves that. This Japanese anime series is a pack of adventure, fantasy, and science fiction.Yep!it  is worth waiting for. Mamare Touno created this novel series. And  Kazuhiro Hara illustrated it. the novel began its online serialization in 2010. And this was aired in Shosetsuka ni Naro.which is a user-generated novel publishing website.

Later, Enterbrain takes over the series. Then published as light Novel in Japan since 2011. This was a major hit. The approach of this anime was different. Thus it created fans all over the world. In 2015, the Yen press handled its English transition. And on 5 October 2013, Season 1 released on NHK Educational tv. Satelight studio animated the Season 1. Season 2 got aired on 4 October 2014.

Log Horizon Season 3:The Release Date

The long waiting is over now. The official declaration about the release date is out. They announced the release date as October 2020. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, it looks like we should wait till January 2021. So, we can hope our favorite show will be back soon. We can watch it in January itself. Fans waited for this anime series for long six years. And they have high expectations. We can wish for the best to come.

Log Horizon Season 3:The Cast

The animes are popular for their characters. And this one contains plenty of them. The exact list of the cast in Season 3 is not yet available. But, the main Characters of the previous Seasons will surely appear. Shiroe, Naotsugu, Assasin Akatsuki, Nyanta, Touya, and many more from Season 2 are expected to be there in Season 3.And the fans all over the world expects new characters also. They demand more in the coming seasons. And according to the plot, let us hope we can watch new characters.

Log Horizon Season 3:The Plot

The last season ended with Shiroe and his friend inside the virtual world. The faced challenges like lack of funds, new infiltrations, and all. We need answers to this. But Season 3 is coming back after 6 years. So, the plot is unknown. There are chances to take new plots as well as maintaining the previous. Will they escape from the virtual world? Let’s wait and watch. the new Season will not disappoint us.

Log Horizon Season 3:The Storyline

A multiplayer online role-playing game, Elder Tales is trending in a universe. After the success of the eleventh expansion, the creators are launching another.30000 gamers from japan and many thousands from around the world are logging in to the game. But for some reason, the gamers are getting inside the game. They dwell as there avatars in the game. A socially awkward person Shiroe teams up with Naotsugu and assassin Akatsuki. The trio faces many challenges in the game arcade. They slowly run out of the fund. And in addition to this, they face new spy infiltration. They wander to new places inside the game for survival and to adjust to their new life.