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One punch man season 3 release date is revealed? Know all the details about this new season 3


One punch man series is the most famous Japanese show which is most likely watch. The was created by the artist ONE. The story tells us about the life of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat anybody with a single punch. Now he was in the search of a real competitor. This webcomic was originally published in 2009, and the show collected huge fan following which resulted in seven billion followers of this show. The series has achieved the manga and anime adaptation. The series contains 21 volumes with each running time episodes of 24  to 30 minutes. The series was launched on 4   December 2015.


The series tells us the story that on the earth there are powerful monsters and villains who have been destroying the earth beautiful components. In response, agoni creates a superheroes association. Saitama an unassociated hero comes from the city Z and save people from monsters and villains, through his heroic deeds for his own enjoyment. Saitama becomes the mentor to geons . Saitama and geons join the heroic association but the Saitama remains unnoticed. The heroic association calls the meeting of all the top 10 heroes and discuss that the world is in danger and as the meeting get over they were attacked by a monster named Boros. The Saitama bored the ship and defeated the monster, Boros. As the story goes on Saitama meets more superheroes such as martial artist bang, esper and king. Monsters also begin to rise at a higher rate. They also have a separate association known as the monster association they have made this association against the heroic association. They wanted to destroy all the heroes and want to rule over the earth.

They started kidnapping where they kidnap children and provides there body the monster cells which make them like monsters. like the same way they had kidnapped a child and Garo wanted to save the life of the child and he entered to city Z where he was defeated and captured. Then the heroic association came to rescue the child and the Garo in which they have entered into the city Z and in the battle, the city Z has been completely destroyed. Many of the heroes, we’re overconfident of there power defeated and many of the monsters were slain but because of the poor performances of the heroic association, they have faced the criticism of the public and which leads to many heroes to decide of the retirement. The series contains 2 seasons with 21volumes, now it is the time for 3 seasons.


Since it is the most famous Japanese show and having a huge fan following in billions this lead to the of the renewal of season 3. since there is no confirmed date when the show is going to be released, but there is the complete chance of releasing of this season very soon. As we can’t predict the exact date because there is no trailer of the one man punch season 3, till the time we only have to hold our patience and wait for it