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“Gacha Club” : Now choose from wide range of your anime! Click to know release date, gameplay and more!

Gacha Club is second instalment of the game Gacha Life, another fashion game available in the gaming market which allows the player to make an anime-like character and dress them up how you like.

If you are the one who enjoys playing games on your mobile phones and has a deep love for fashion then Gacha Life is you one stop destination.

Gacha Life is a free game with no upfront cost/ payment. The game become highly popular among the gamers because of its simplicity as the game is not too complex and has an easy game play.

‘Gacha Life’ is one of the latest which is performing great in fashion game category and is available on Google Play Store with a rating of 4.4 . The game was a huge hit, getting amazing reviews and over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone. And in a span of 2 years it has gained a huge popularity for which the sole reason is it EASY TO GO STYLE. And after seeing the success which game achieved makers announced the second installment in less than a year.

Release dates

The second installment of the popular Gacha Life was earlier expected in early months of 2020. As the whole world is now buzy fighting with the deadly Corona Virus which has bring everyone’s life to a halt the release date got delayed. Now, its expected that second installment might hit the gaming market by the month of August. However there is no official announcement on it yet.

Whats so special about gacha life?

The unique thing about the Gacha Life authorization is that the accessorial and modifications are available in anime style. Players have freedom to select the characters of their choice and then modify the looks such as hairs, outfits and weapons.
Apart from fashion, Gacha Life has other mini games to play as well. The games offered are, a math game, a game where you have to catch falling chicken nuggets, a music remix based timing game, a music notes based rhythm game etc.

Gacha Life also supports social interaction by providing a chat feature through which one player of Gacha Life can communicate with the other player. The live interaction brings more interest in the game and give original feels. Player can avail this service only when he reaches level 10


As of now, makers haven’t released the trailer yet. You can find some interesting videos related to the Gacha Life on its official YouTube page. You can however see the first’s installment trailer here

What’s new?

As the predecessor, the successor has all the same features but in a modified way. The sequel is expected to have various improvements such as the number of characters.The single biggest change is that players get to choose from a wide range of characters. Earlier, the list had only 20. The game has unique features of personalising 8 characters simultaneously which is now has been increased to 10. In addition, the game will introduce animals including pets and mount for the characters with customizations and the ability to communicate.

Another exciting addition will the Battle mode in which the character can get bonus and gifts after winning the battle. And gifts will help the player to upgrade the character to another level. We can also expect an upgradation in mini games.

We may also see refinement in the gestures of the character to make it more appealing with the player.


The fashion game is available on the Google Play store for free. Just like it’s predecessor, ‘Gacha Club’ will be available to play on Android and iOS. This time, however, the game will also be ported to Microsoft Windows, and others.